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Looking for any ideas

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I have two older cats (13-14 yrs.) and am facing a dilemma. My family is moving to Argentina and we have had pet care professionals agree that the trip would probably be bad for them (15-20 hour flight with connections). Given that the cats are older, we have also been told that finding them new homes would be virtually impossible ("no one wants an older cat"). I have tried to explore the "cat retirement" angle, but the only one in our area that is semi-affordable (~$3,000/per cat) seems to be out of business because they haven't responded to e-mails and their phone number is not working. We are looking for any ideas that may help us find a place for our cats. If you are aware of other retirement facilities that may be cost effective, no-kill shelters that welcome older cats, or even people interested in adopting older cats in the western/southwestern part of the country (I would consider flying with them to a new home, as long as the flight isn't too long of course). They would probably like to stay together since they have basically lived their whole lives together, but I think they could also do well apart as they are pretty independent.

One of the cats is a vaccine-induced cancer survivor for the past seven years. He is totally cancer free, but lost a shoulder blade in his treatment so he drags one of his front paws. The vet thinks he is hyper-thyroid, but this hasn't manifested in the weight loss expected. He is very loving and friendly.

The other cat, we rescued as a 3-6 mos. old, and as a result is bit more shy. He has some chronic bladder stones, but seems generally healthy. He is an extremely loving lap cat with those he trusts.

This is not a case of "moving somewhere to an apartment that doesn't take cats". We love them, have been through lots with them and want them to be happy. We are running out of ideas and need help...any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to TCS, Paco! You might try some of your local cat clubs & see what they suggest. The people of the San Diego Cat Fanciers Association seem very friendly and might have some ideas. Meanwhile, I will send {{{prayers and vibes}}} for a happy re-homing for your cats! I hope that you get some ideas very soon! By the way, at TCS we LOVE pics! Susan
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This is probably a dumb question, but if you can take the cat on a shorter plane ride, and you have $3000 to offer a retirement plan, why can't you use that money to perhaps have one person in your family travel with the cats in shorter juants? Perhaps do the trip in 3 stages, and stay one or two nights each stoppover at a place that allows pets so they can recoup a bit?

Or perhaps the airline will work with you and you can buy a seat for the cats and keep them near you? Or one person could possibly drive part of the way in a rented van?
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Here are several in California that you can check into:

Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in Laguna Beach

National Cat Protection Society in Newport Beach and Spring Valley

Brighthaven in Santa Rosa, CA


Best Friends Shelter in Provo, Utah

And here is a link I found that has information and lists other retirement shelters that I know nothing about....
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Welcome to TCS! I don't really have any good advice of my own, but I just wanted to say that I really like what charmed thought. I think that would be your best option for you and the cats Hope everything works out good for you guys, and please keep us updated
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