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New Lump Update

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Well, I got my final results on my cats cancer. After I hung up the phone with the vet I didn't have a clue what to do with myself. I felt like my lungs were closing and just sort of fluttered my hands around till I got a grip.

It turns out its a bad form of Lymphosarcoma, and if he is doing very well he'll have a maximum of 6 more weeks. But his tumor has about tripled its size in the past week and a half and its on his neck so the chances are he has a lot less. Also his urine has begun to smell really badly so its possible cancer is affecting him somewhere else too.

So, thats the update. Now, I have to decide when is the right point to put him to sleep. I don't want him to suffer but at the same time I want every second I can have. Its a very difficult choice.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I know there is nothing I say say to take away the pain of this but just know that you are doing the very best for him and he knows you love him. It's never easy to recieve news like this. When reading your post I had tears in my eyes.

I know it's not much but we are all here for you and if you ever needs to vent this is the place. I'm sure there are other members on this board who have had to deal with something like this and although I personally have not had to deal with this with any cats I've had I deal with loss on a daily basis and I know how hard it can be to say good bye.

You have a very handsome boy you should enjoy every minute you have with him. He is very lucky to have you by his side during this tough time. My thoughts are with you and him. **HUGS**
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I too am sorry to hear of this recent turn of events. You will know when it is time if you listen to him and watch his eyes. He will clearly tell you when it is time for him and you to part. He is a gorgeous kitty and I can tell that he is loved very much. You will do the smart thing, the wise thing and the most difficult thing when the time comes. Take it a day at a time, and if that is to difficult, try it an hour at a time. God Bless.........
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That picture was taken last year on his 11th birthday. When I saw they had the wagon as a prop I had to have his picture taken in it. When he was little (like in the smaller pictures above) my little brother had a wagon like that but it was blue. Peachey got curious and crawled underneath and slipped his head between the bottom of the wagon and the metal that held the wheels on. He began jiggling around and moving the wagon. When my brother came in his room he began to scream that his wagon was moving by itself and ran out to get the rest of us.

It is hard to deal with losing him. He's been the best cat I've ever had. He has never in his entire 12 years bitten or scratched me (accept for the one time his toy landed on my foot and he grabbed me instead).

He knows words, sounds and hand gestures. He's never been one to play for more than a couple minutes... he's always been one to cuddle in my arms.

We've only been parted for one week in his entire life. When I went away without him on holidays my parents would phone me thinking he was sick when he just missed me.
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I'm sorry you have to go through this. It's so hard to say goodbye forever. I am sure he will tell you when it's time to say goodbye. Just know that you can come here and let it all out. Most of us have had to say goodbye to loved ones and know what it's like.
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What a beautiful, special cat. . . I'm so very sorry.

The most important thing is that he knows how very much you love him -- we all can see clearly you adore him, so he must feel that love many times more -- those are the things that matter most.

Sending gentle hugs.
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I'm so sorry. Cancer is horrible, especially lymphosarcoma. I had a canary recently that died from lymphosarcoma. Watching her die was heartbreaking. I didn't have her for very long, but I can imagine your pain is much greater. Peachey will let you know when it is time. We're here for you.

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Your guy is so beautiful with his big fat self in the wagon. I've been where you're at so I know what you're going through. I'm tearing up now just thinking about my Snow, who was only 4 years old when cancer claimed him because of his feluk.

You will know when it's time. You'll know when his quality of life is no longer there and you'll know you love him too much to prolong things for your benefit.

I wish I could hold your hand and see you through this. I will be thinking about the both of you. Please let us know what's going on.

I just learned today my cat Tiger, 6 yrs. old, is in renal failure and by the looks of her she won't be around too much longer.

I was just on the site bragging about my cats being healthy and now this. You just never know. But know this, you gave your boy a wonderful life and that you should be thankful for.

I'll give the words that my vet gives to me when I lose one. He tells me they are all up in heaven, healthy and happy, and are just waiting for us to join them one day.

God Bless
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Sometimes they fool the vet. It's not likely, but it happens. My Checkers (the one who loved my boys and hated me!) looked thin to me, and I looked at his gums, expecting them to be pale. They were yellow. The vet confirmed my fear that my 11 year old cat had a liver problem. She had been born with an exceptionally small liver, and the years were not kind. The vet said she would live two months, at the very most. Checkers had a very strong personality; the vet said that's why she outlived all expectations. She went downhill rapidly just a few days before she died, but it was about 14 months later. When I had to keep her warm on a heating pad and feed her with an eye dropper one weekend, she went to the vet on Monday. They did all they could, but her time had come. The last time I visited her at the hospital I took her out of the cage. She could barely walk, but as soon as she realized who I was, she stumbled away; she hated me to the end, but I loved her. She had personality and gumption! It happens; I hope you are that fortunate!
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I will miss him terribly.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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Peachy was beautiful. I'm so sorry she didn't make it.
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That makes me cry. It is obvious how much you loved Peachy. Peachy is not in pain anymore, maybe oneday there will be a cure.

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To a beautiful cat. Thank you for recognizing the need to let him go before you really wanted to, so that he didn't suffer long. I am sorry for you loss, so very sorry........
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Hi,.I am so very sorry for your loss,.but you did the right thing,.at least he isn't suffering any more,.and you have so many wonderful memories of him,..you showed him just how much you loved him,.I know its very hard to let them go,.I had a female white persian that I was very attached to,.she wasn't even 2 yrs old,.she had cysts (sp.wrong) on her ovaries,.just like humans get,.she kept getting sicker and weaker,.finally,.I had to put her to sleep,.it was so hard,.I loved her so much,.& she loved me too,.but I had to let her go,.I loved her enough to let her go,.as you did also,.when you need to "talk" we'll be here to listen.,.
God Bless.
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