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new kitten comes home soooonnnnnnn

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So tell me what to do???
I have a 15 year old girl at home but its been a long time since I have had a baby in the house.The breeder is telling me that she is a wild thing..... soo help please.....

i am picking janet up on a friday...... and she heads to the vet on saturday.... so I wil lbe home for her over the weekend but i need to go back to work on monday..... for just a couple weeks until I leave my job in June (going to school for my PhD full time ).

What do I do about Janet on Monday??? Keep in mind that i have five retrievers, another cat maureen and a cockatoo (its a zoo).....

Can I contain her in a bathroom or a large dog crate with a litter box, bed. some toys..... etc????

what kinds of places can a 12 week old ragdoll kitten get to??? for kitten proofings sake???

What about box training.... what if I contain her to one place and then I want her to eventually use the box in a different place.... how do I do that???

I could use all the kitten coming home advice you can give me.
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She is GORGEOUS! Congratulations.

Here is an article on introductions:


I've never had a kitten that young, so I can't be much help on kitten proofing, but I am sure many other members can help.
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Oh, she is GORGEOUS!
Can you get a playpen, like for a baby? Pad it....put the litter box in it...water, etc.

put her in a bathroom for the day, make sure the toilet lid is down and the plug in the tub....drains closed in all the sinks.

When I got my cats (they were 8 weeks), I had never had a cat!
I let them stay in the den with me part of the time, and then IU put them ina bedroom (which was not kitten proof).
They survived fine and today is their 6th birthday.
Good luck. There are many people here who will offer great advice.
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What a precious little kitten!

Karen posted a great article about introductions. A little one like Janet will be fine in a small room like a bathroom, or even a dog crate for the time being. You can give her run-around time when you are home.

What kind of places can a kitten get into? Um...any place! LOL Seriously, for kitten proofing, lay down on the floor and look around from her point of view. Look at the things she can crawl under, or climb up, or squeeze into. Remember that if a kitten can get their head in it, they can fit - and she looks a lot bigger than she is with all of that soft Ragdoll fur. If it's dangerous, block it off. If it can break, put it away somewhere that she can't get to. She'll be in the kitten kamikazi stage when you pick her up, so be prepared!

The litterbox is probably going to be the least of your worries. She'll find the litterboxes. Just remember that she's a baby, and like people babies they get so involved in playing that they forget about going to the potty. You may need to have a couple extra for a month or two while she grows up a little bit, so they can be close when she realizes that she has to go NOW. LOL
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She is so pretty and petite but looks like a handful. Congratulation on the new addition.
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