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New years resolutions?

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Thread Starter's April already. How many of those new years resolutions have you stuck to/kept/achieved already?
I didn't set many because I only forget about them. Mine were more, long term changes - stick at the gym, learn more about what I'm eating, I put on a little bit of weight at the end of last year so I wanted to lose that again and I'm well on my way thanks to the other changes.
I've also got others like changing my job, going to uni, moving house. I'm trying with the job thing but the other 2 can't happen until Mark graduates.
So I think I am pretty much on track.
How did everybody else do?
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I don't think i made any this year?. If it did it would have been to eat more healthily which i've JUST started doing now
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I have kept 100% of my resolutions! I made a resolution, not to make resolutions!
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I have not kept mine, either , which is a good thing. I resolved to eat more, exercise less, and start smoking again. Someone insisted I make some, and that was what they got!
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Well i only wanted to lose some weight, now we dont have a car and ive seen that my body is slowly losing weight but my scales arent talking..
I dropped one size down in clothes, but my scales still says im stil the same weight as before!
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I made a resolution to lose weight and get healthy ....i am keeping it because I have lost 26 pounds since Jan and I am still losing
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I made a resolution to lose 2 stone before my wedding in August and i've lost half a stone so far so i'm still on track.
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Alaynna! 26lbs since JAN!? Whats your secret? Well done to you and to Jenni.
Fwan the scales can be so misleading sometimes. How often are you weighing yourself? I would definately go by how your clothes feel on you rather than the horrible scales.
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some old poo that isnt digital!!!

I need to get my self a digital scale too bad ben took it!
that fat pig
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Thanks, I basically changed the way I eat (i use to eat fast food a lot) and I exercise 5 times a week. I am 5'8 and when I started I was 175, I am now 149!!
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Mine was to lose a few pounds and I am really struggling but I am still trying. I can do reallly well monday thru friday but the weekends just fall apart for me because we aren't ever at home. that means eating out and I am really picky and its hard to find healthy choices at the race track where everything is fried....
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I made like 5 and out of those I've only kinda sorta kept one.....strange twisted story. But the year is still kinda early lol hopefully I will make the others.
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I don't make resolutions. I know I won't keep them so why bother?
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Originally Posted by Pombina's April alreadyMine were more, long term changes - stick at the gym, learn more about what I'm eating,
How do you learn more about what you're eating? Before you eat an apple, do you say, "Hey Mr. Apple! Have you ever been to Hawaii? Do you have any kids?"

I stuck to my two resolutions this year. I've avoided excessive drinking. And no, I wasn't a lush before that! I just had a couple of drunks too many that made me never want to feel that again. My other one was to get in good shape by May, but I've already begun to exceed that goal. Maybe I set the goals too low though because I don't really look much different. I'm aiming a little higher now. I feel better than the last three or four years though, save for my ankles.
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That would be a big NONE!!
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