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Poor Barty! (pic)

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i honestly love the lion cut on cats. That ones more of a 'boot cut'. The only real difference is that they leave the fur on the tail. That's what I've done with Isha every summer so far to keep her cool (our ac has a habit of breaking, in Maine we just didn't have it).
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He was so matted, I had to get him a lion shave. LOL He looks like a poodle! Shredder is carefully checking him out wondering, "what in the world?"
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Poor Barty! He does NOT look happy about his new look. Looks like Shredder isn't quite sure about the whole thing either...

Goodness, that pic made me giggle! :LOL:
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I think poor Barty looks just a little bit ... embarrased
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Actually before he got shaved, he really disliked being touched. Now he is all over our laps, and around our feet and begging to be petted and loved on. I think the matts were getting really painful for him and now he just feels so good! I would of liked to have waited until it was really warm, but two of the mats were eating into his skin and so it was time. He looks hysterical though and is sooo much happier!
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Maybe it's the giggling he can hear behind the camera and from Shredder that he looks upset about then....
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:LOL: He DOES look like a lion!
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Poor little shorn sheep! But I'm sure he feels better,, esp. now that he can get a good scratch!
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Barty looks like a darker version of my Lucy. I bet he feels sooo much better, I know lucy did.

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That's so cute!!
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Goodness that is soo cute!! We are thinking of getting Merlot shaved like that too as he is all matted on his belly and on his chest - just between his front legs - he just will not let me get to it! Just got to find a groomer over here that will do it....???
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LOL Poor Barty, he looks a bit ticked off. Too funny.
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