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Mother attacking her daughters?

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Lightning is about 1 1/2 years old, she just gave birth back in November. Everything seemed normal, and then after a bit she started hissing at the babies when they would try to feed. I figured that was just her way to wean them and ignored it, and onced they were on all solid food she was fine and back to her normal loving self.. then she went into heat recently and would try to attack her daughters anytime they came near her.. I assumed it was a territorial thing, but now she is not in heat anymore and she is still hissing at them and swiping at them till they run away anytime they go near her. There have been a few times I have had to put them in seprate rooms and shut the doors because I honestly thought she was going to kill them. Its calmed down a little bit recently but not by much, she will still hiss and swipe at em if they come near, and occasional with do it to us out of the blue when we are petting her.. any ideas
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I don't know why it happens, but the woman from the rescue group I foster for told me that it does seem to happen often, much more with mothers and daughters than with mothers and sons.

Why, I don't know, but it does seem to be something that is known to happen.
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Now they are grown she probably sees them as rivals, if htey are in a small space like a house. Are any of them spayed? If they are all full of raging hormnes that will not help at all. Is htere any reason you have not had the momcat (or maybe her daughters?) fixed?
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You need to get mom spayed ASAP. Even then, she is and will be boss cat. I know with our outside cat, she ran off all her female offspring (when whole and after being spayed). The males she allowed to stay (they were all altered).

But she ran off or chased any of her daughters/granddaughters that we kept. That's why I kept her last granddaughter as an inside cat!
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