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Dental Problem, or something worse?

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Lightning is about a year and a half old, shes a rescue kitty that we found near our apartment when she was a baby. She is half blue russian from what we can tell. Her gums have recently turned this odd solid grey color, and one of her teeth is kind of brownish. She doesn't seem to have a problem eating at all, but there is an odd red line where her gums and teeth meet. I was thinking she might have a gingivitus/tartar problem so I bought her some Whiska's Tartar Control treats, and she does eat a few now and then but she shows little intrest in them.. I tried a different brand and same thing. She eats her dry food without a problem though. I was wondering if anyone else has run into a similar problem, and if there are any good cat foods I could try that might help since she won't eat the treats? I've thought about trying one of the feline toothbrushes I've seen around at petsmart.. but I doubt she would let me anywhere near her with the thing lol.
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The red line around the gumline certainly sounds like peridontal disease!

I'm afraid to say, but the tartar control treats (from my experience) are pretty pointless

I would recommend that you visit the vets, as they will probably prescribe a course of antibiotics to reduce the inflamation of the gums and may recommend a descale and pollish - with possible extractions.

You will also be able to discuss home dental care for your kitty! Brushing is the best option, but you can also rub cat toothpaste around the teeth and gum line, which can also be effective!

If it is gingivitis, you're best to get to your vet sooner, as it can also cause other problems.

Please do come back and let us know how things go!
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Contrary to popular belief, dry food and tartar control treats do litte, if anything, for tartar. The tip of the tooth bites and breaks the pieces so it doesn't even get to the gum line.

Brushing is best if you can possibly train kitty at all. In the meantime it sounds as though your kitty has a problem and should see a vet.
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Just to add... normal dry food doesn't clean teeth, but Hill's Prescription t/d diet is made in a special way that DOES help prevent tartar build up. The chunks are big so your pet has to chew them, and they don't break down quite as easily. There are also Enzymatic cat chews [they make them for dogs as well] that do actually clean teeth. I use the CET Enzydent Enzymatic dog chews and they cleaned my old dog's teeth up really well, and have kept the younger dog's teeth clean.
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