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I need information on s/n for ferals...

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I live in Southeast Pennsylvania (also near Delaware, New Jersey and parts of Maryland), and I found out about a feral colony that might be living not too far from me, and I will be going to investigate in the next couple of days to see if it's there, how many, etc.

My problem is this. I can feed them. I can borrow traps to catch them. And I can help socialize them (but as you know, how many can one do at once?).

But the one (and very serious) obstacle is that in this area, as far as I can find, there are no free or very low-cost s/n resources for ferals (or for stray or even owned cats). There are some low-cost, but since shots (including rabies) are mandated by law, even with a $30 spay, the least one can get away with is $50 a cat.

I am on a fixed disability income, and there is no way I can afford that at all. The woman I deal with at the local rescue group does what she can one at a time, but it is a lot of money for her too. She can't afford any more.

Are there any national resources that might help fund s/n for ferals or organizations that might help defray that cost? I looked through all the ones suggested at the thread here, but didn't find anything about helping with s/n costs.

If anyone can offer any resources for this, it would be greatly appreciated (and I am not asking anyone for money ... just places where I might be able to get some subsidies to get these ferals s/n'd, or places where they might s/n for free or a very low cost). The rescue group will be happy to back me in any applications I need to submit if that would help, but they cannot afford to do feral groups as well as the adoption and fostering work they do.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Contact Alley Cat Allies to see if they know any resources you can take these cats to. They also may know of a TNR group to assist you:


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You might try Friends of Animals too, Charmed ,they have a S/N certificate program and it would be so nice if they could offer you more assistance since they are a well-financed group. So happy you're feeding these little ones, they need us to care about them. Maybe a local vet or groomer might put up a sign for you too, asking for people in the community to donate towards a S/N fund for the kittys.

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Thank you both.

I will contact alleycats, and trying to get some neighborhood donations.

I will try to talk to some local groups to see if they would put up signs. That's a great idea. There are a number of churches very nearby and I'll bet they would be willing to put up a sign about donations too.

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