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Oh Mary Anne! They are beautiful. : No wonder Mike couldn't resist them! I would have had to keep them all, too.

MacKenzie is just a gorgeous cat. And such a proud Mom.

Thanks for sharing them with us!
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Congrats on the new babies, Hissy!!!!! Good thoughts going up for them!!! *HUGS* I have new babies, too! 9 total....5 from one mama and 4 from the other...we have alot of cats that just "come by" once in awhile, and sometimes they decide to stay for awhile...especially when they are pregnant, and need a place that is very close to food...
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That is a lot of kittens! My friend trapped Caspia and her brood earlier today so I don't have that extra worry about her now. I wanted to get her someplace warm out of the extreme cold weather we are having right now that we shouldn't be having!

Here's to all the baby kittens surviving, no matter where they are!

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What gorgeous babies! You're so lucky to be able to keep them. We are up to our kitty limit in our small space Good luck with the little cutie pies
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So tiny!!!! So beautiful!! You must be thrilled.
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McKenzie looks like such a good mother...and her babies are beautiful but they seem so tiny and frail. I hope everything continues to go well.
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Lorie they are tiny. Kenzie is not even a year old and I was just grateful she was able to bring three into the world without losing them. She is to young to have been mated with, but she is also an exemplarary mom and she had the babies in a small enough space that they are completely protected. I have a pet heating pad under them at night and I check on them all the time to be sure the babies are okay. So far, so good. But that is why they are so tiny, she was mated way to young.
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OMG!!!!!! How adorable!!!! And so tiny!!!!
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I'm so glad Caspia and her babies are somewhere snug and warm. Somehow, when I think of a stray, I either think of the kittens people kept dropping off here, or a big, tough old tom cat. It's almost too much to think of mother cats snuggling around their newborns, trying to keep them warm.

By the way, Hissy, on the news the last few days in Western PA a story has been featured about a woman whose barn caught fire. She went through the flames to rescue her horse. The firemen got her out and into the hospital; they could not save the horse. The woman had been burned, of course, but today she was released from the hospital. I thought about you.

How we love our animals! Our house burned about 16 years ago. The dog and one cat were outside, one went right through a closed basement window, and one was overcome by smoke. The firemen resuscitated her. I was so touched and so grateful for that act of kindness. That was Checkers, who hated me! I've talked about her many times. She's in kitty heaven.
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McKenzie and the kittens are beautiful!

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She looks very protective of those kittens! Her body is relaxed, but she is paying close attention to you and your camera.

What an attractive little family they are!
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OMG!! Hissy! How could I have missed this thread?!?!?!? Those babies are just GORGEOUS!! And Mum is a darling too... I hope they all stay as healthy and happay as they obviously are right now!! Congrats!!
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What angels! MacKenzie is gorgeous and the babies are so sweet. Thank goodness you took care of them!
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Ooooo! All the kitties look gorgeous and healthy. It looks like McKenzie like to strike a pose for the camera. :LOL: Keep the pictures coming as they get bigger.
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Everytime I see such little ones I start believing in miracles all over again - aren't they though,
miracles I mean.......
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She looked like she was saying "MOM! Is it over yet?" LOL
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In the last picture, it looks to me that she is pretty content, because she's making what I call kitty paw. Ivo doesn't knead when she's relaxed/happy, she spreads her toes wide on her front left foot.

They are all gorgeous. I wish I had the room to take in more kitties!
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Say a prayer for McKenzie's babies. A couple of her babies are having problems breathing. Please say a quick prayer for them
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OMG! I am so sorry to hear this!!! I will say a prayer for them right now!!!!!!! Please keep us posted!!!!
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Last night, one of her babies, the grey striped tabby passed over to the Bridge. She went nuts after it happened and we removed him she kept digging at the blankets looking for him. I just checked on her and she has settled down with the other two babies.
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That is so sad I hope the other 2 make it, they are so sweet, and McKenzie is beautiful, too.
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Bless those little lambs. God knows every sparrow that falls.
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That's so very sad. I will send all the postive energy I can muster to them.
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That the two remaining kittens are doing well. I was afraid there might be something wrong with the silver tabby (as yet unnamed) because it couldn't seem to nurse, but when mom let me, I picked Silver up and found a bit of blanket fuzz in the mouth, so once that was removed a teat was found for it right away. McKenzie cried last night off an on, I am sure looking for McGregor, but she has settled down today and is being the good mom that she is. I told her, it is about time to find a new spot as her kittens are getting bigger and she is having a hard time laying down without sitting on one of them! McArthur the tuxedo kitty has a white dot of color on his nose- almost right in the center of it! lol
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It is a female so we are thinking about the following names for her. McMurphy... MacBeth ... MacCrie... or McKinley. Any thoughts??
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Hissy, sorry to hear about the poor little one..... very sad.... but you still have two!! Hmmm what about... McMilly, McMinny, McCaffrey, McBridle, McMunch.......?????
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I'm so glad the two kittens are doing good. For names for Silver, I like MacBeth (English major coming out!) or McBride.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the poor kitty. At least they are doing better now. How about McKaylah for the girl kitty? I also like McKinley. Let us know what you decide upon.
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We decided on McKinley. Just got back from the vets and the family is good to go! No problems except for Mckenzie needs an attitude adjustment-she does not like veterinarians it appears! LOL
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