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McKenzie and Company

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Two were just now born- please send good thoughts as many as you can
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OH - healthy kitty thoughts coming her/ your way!!!
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Wow! How exciting! Positive energy flying you and MacKenzie's way! And lots for the little ones, too!!! I'm so glad you bonded with her before the births. I'm sure she is happy to have a companion with her, too.
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I don't know about that, I had my arm in there petting her and she had a contraction and she reached over and bit my shirt and wouldn't let go till the contraction passed! Thank goodness I had on long sleeves today or my arm would of taken the brunt of it. She has 2 babies at the moment and they appear to now be suckling her. She gave birth in one of the closets that line the wall going the stairs. I am going to let her be for about a half an hour and check on her again. Althought she is quite young, she appears to be starting to understand that she has a job to do. At first she was not licking them or anything, but she is getting the hang of things.
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Good thoughts comming to you from me and my furries!!
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Good thoughts are on the way:angel2:. Hope everything is going okay.

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She has 3 kittens (very small) but they are moving, and eating and doing their business. One looks like it will be a silver tabby, there is a dark black and gray stiped and a light gray and black striped. Putting my hands anywhere near her now that she no longer needs me, would be hazardous to my health. So this leads me to believe she is okay and not going to pop out another little critter anytime soon. For being such a young mom, she caught on quick and now is fiercely protective of her space and her young-uns......
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They sound adorable! Good thoughts are sent your way!
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I'm so glad everything is going well. Mothering instincts are strong in most animals, and obviously she is no different. Keep us posted on their progress and how MacKenzie is doing.
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I'm so glad she found you just in time! And got a few good meals in her belly to have strength for giving birth and nursing. She sounds like she's going to be a fine mom, too.

Congratulations to all of you!
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Way to go Hissy and the proud new moma!
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This morning it appeared that McKenz did not even leave their side for one minute last night. So she got room service! I just put some water in with her already wet food and added some chicken gravy to the mix and she had a feast! In the light of day, she has presented us with a gorgeous silver tabby, a dark grey and black striped and a tuxedo kitty. No abnormal bleeding from her during the night, and she is accepting of my hand in there now, as long as it is petting her and not messing with her kids. I am so thankful that Shred brought her here, because last night it was unusually bitter cold for this time of year. Had she been outside, those kittens could of been compromised.
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Oh - kittens - I am so happy that everything went well. Now all we need is pictures of the new arrivals and Mc.

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Timing is everything. You'll have to give Shredder extra lovings or treats for knowing she needed to come home with him.

OOOHHHH! Little tuxedo baby! I want it I want it I want it!

Can't wait to see pic of the little ones, and of momma.
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I'm glad everything went well and that mommy and babies are doing fine. Keep us updated.
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Just now, we were changing the soiled bedding under the new family and Mike looked at me and said " You know, these guys are really cute and I suppose if you really wanted to, we could keep them all, mom included!" LOL And I hadn't even asked him yet either! So it looks like McKenzie and Company have found a home.

Now, I can concentrate on making friends with Caspia and placing her and her kittens in good loving homes, and finding a place for Also once his quarantine is up.

Now I need names! LOL And my head examined!
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Yeah! What a great husband you have. You are a lucky woman!

Here's to MacKenzie and her family finding a good home!! :blubturq:
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Congratulations! I have always wanted a tuxedo cat. I almost missed out on all the fun. My computer was in the computer hospital, and now my monitor is a little green around the gills--old age, you know! Anyway, I'm glad you were able to give comfort to mommy after having known her for a short period of time! Have you found the other feral mother?
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Caspia has her kittens tucked under my neighbor's porch. They are on vacation right now so I know she is safe and if I go and try and find out about the kittens, she will move them again. I have been under my neighbor's porch in the past, so I know she is in a pretty secluded and fairly warm spot. Caspia watches from a distance during early morning feeds and once the other cats leave, she comes in and gouges herself. I go out and leave her some table scraps and stuff too to help supplement her and stir in some nutri-cal for her as well. This morning, I did touch her nose!

The little Tux is a male,(I think) it is still a little too early for me to tell. We are going to name him MacArthur.....*G* The others will have names in honor of mom that start with Mc- so throw any ideas in the pot here. I can only think of a few- McGuff, McCarthy???????
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Well, if one of them is bad tempered, brilliant, and dexterous, how about McEnroe?
McNemarra or MacNemarra sp? McMurphy, McCurdy, McPherson MacIntosh
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My favorite kitty in the world was a male tuxedo. I lost him just last year... :sniff:

Congrats on the kitties!
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how about:

MC COY/ Hatfield (get the pun?)



or maybe.....Mickey
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You could promote him to general and call him McArthur! General, for short.
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Congrads on the new babies.

How about MacBeth, McMillian, or this this does not have the Mc or Mac, the name Kenzie.
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Or perhaps Chaney, Kuszak, and Becker? I guess all the current nostalgia on LA Law made me think of it...
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Boy, do I feel stupid! I thought MacArthur was such a good idea! No wonder--Hissy already chose it--Well, back to the drawing board. I think Conners and McEnroe would be a great pair! I wish I had that tuxedo kitten--now let's see, the air fare would be.....
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My scanner is on the fritz so I had to use my photo reader which is why they are so dark. But here is the new family.

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It also didn't help she had them in the darkest of cupboards
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