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Hair Loss and FeLuk

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I have a feluk+ cat who has extensive hair loss. Because I care for so many cats with no outside funding I'm trying to find some answers at no charge. That's why I'm hear asking you. My regular vet hasn't any idea what it could be from or what to do about it. I really can't afford a specialist.

Penelope is 5 yrs. old and was born with Feluk virus. She has had some close calls, but with the help of a medication she receives monthly for the feluk, she is holding her own. She is happy, eats like a cow, runs and plays, etc. Her only outward problem is her hair loss. She is absolutely flea free. I think in might be nerves/stress because she's the nervous type. I've tried some holistic remedies that have worked somewhat on my other cat with hair loss problems that are stress related. However, at the moment Penelope has some really bad bald spots and I'm getting concerned all her hair will be gone without some type of treament.

I haven't tried bathing her in special preparations. I think that is my next resort. Any help you can lend will be appreciated. If I can't get any answers I'll have to bring he to a specialist because I don't want her to be uncomfortable.

Thanks for your help.
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Unfortunately hair loss is one of the signs of FLV and one of the consequences as well. Bathing your cat will not help the balding stop, your best bet is to try and keep the exposed skin from cracking by applying a soothing ointment to it at least once a day. Bathing will just exacerbate the condition and stress our your kitty. You can ask the vet about antihistimines that are over the counter, but the VET has to tell you which ones to use and how much. I wish I brought you better news. It is wonderful what you are doing for these cats.
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I would do 2 things, I would start giving her some omega 3 fatty acids. This will help her immune system some and help with the hair loss as well as any dry skin. You can ask the vet about giving her some benadryl, it is not as effective with cats as it is dogs, but it may be worth a try.
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