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Toilet Training, what a mess..........

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Ok so Im toilet training my cats, due to the small place we will be living in, the less smell the better. Cheeto seems to tak it well and Ashes is getting better, butr Chiclet just REFUSES to do it, he's pooping everywhere. He's always had a poopin area out of the box, its so annoying, now its worse than ever. I know its unatural for toilet training, but I've done it sooooooo slowly, I just recently broke the 1st little hole in the training seat. They spent a whole month with the litter box elevated.

One time My siamese(RIP) had an accident near the dining table, and ever since its chiclet's pooping place, it's an every day thing. Do you think I will have this problem in the new place? since t here will be no pee or anything on the floor??

any input would be nice, Im going nuts here lol.
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I know nothing about toilet training cats, but I would be taking Chiclet to the vet first to make sure there's no medical reason for his pooping outside the litterbox.
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This is an excellent article on toilet training cats. It is done without that kit, and I think a better way. Maybe it might give you some ideas, and there are a couple of cute pictures too

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I don't think I can tolerate toilet training my cat. I mean if I have to go I do not want to wait for my cat to finish
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They never put the damn seat down.
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I'm a little impressed you've gotten most to be toliet trained; but I don't think it will last.

You have to clean up any spot they use very well. Try Nature's Miricle in the spots he's used. You can't expect EVERY cat you own to learn to be toliet trained no matter how much you'd like it. So I'd figure out where you can put a normal litter pan in your new place.
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I hope they have there own bathroom. Otherwise you will cleaning after every tinkle. I am sure they dint alway hit the spot
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Im a clean freak with a scum buster, so Im always cleaning. Its no problem to clean a little tinkle her and there. On eof my good friends trainged 4 cats, and after the training was over they stayed like that. Until today they go potty in t eh toilet! its SO cute! and not to mention cost effective and clean. And the cats are happy I guess because they donty have to go in the same place as the others, so they all have a squeaky clean place to go.

I surely dont expect them to get it right away, but with time, they will get there. Im not to hopeful about chiclet, even if I put a box again, he doent go there, he so picky about sharing a littter bot even tho I clean it 5 times a day.......... I did go to the vet about it and nothing worng the the little guy, he's just picky is all. Imma try the citrus tuff and buy one of those plu ing for the bathroom what do ya think??

Beside this toilet thing willo nly be for a year, we plan to get a house really soon, so if they wanna stick to the toilet, they might get their own bathroom! lol
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LOL Give the males there and the females there own. My hubby did that. I had a nice bathroom HEHEHE the boys and he got the smaller one. Me Dazy and Skittles and it was nice.
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Hey there,
I toilet trained my cat as well, for the same reasons. I had two cats at the time, and one cat simply would not do it.
That said, I had MUCH better success with my cat after he was about 9 months-1 year old.
Also-- go very, very, very slow, no matter how fast your cat seems capable of moving. If he reverts to the floor, you've done more harm than good-- even if he never has an accident, don't go more than one step every week (depending on which method you're using. I used a roasting pan).
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Toilet trained Julius about a month after we got him, and it took about a month for the actual training - it could easily take longer or shorter, though, depending on your cat. This is basically what I did:


I had to improvise a bit with the holes - since the pan becomes bowl shaped once the cat's sat in it, I had to make a "lip" using duct tape to stop the litter from falling into the water. The hardest part for Julius, was to learn to stand on the toilet seat, and in the pan - but smooth sailing otherwise, and only ONE mistake throughout the entire time.

After the training, we still had to keep watching him for a while, because he wouldn't go as often as he should, now that it felt a bit different. We would bring him into the bathroom everytime he should be going, close the door behind us, and just wait until he's done, then reward him. After another week, he got completely used to it, and does fine by himself.


Pooping squat...

...and the peeing squat...
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That is cute. Neat he does that but am not sure Skittles would like that LOL
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