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Jackson wont sleep through the nite....

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Hey everyone,

It has been a almost 2 weeks since little Jackson has been in my life...When I got him from the SPCA we were told he was approx. 3years old...LOL, I took him to his vet for his first check up and he told me Jackson was MAYBE 1...Needless to say, Jackson doesn't let mommy sleep at nite! It's usually 3a.m. or shortly after that he starts chasing his tail, trying to climb the wall , and if ANY PART of your body is outside the covers ... he's either biting or scratching... Maybe it's because he's only a baby? I have also thought maybe he is home for too long all by himself and sleeps the whole time. So I come home early and play with him for acouple hours before hittin the hay...Still nothing...3a.m. hits and JACKSON'S GONE WILD!!!! Any idea's? Thanks alot everyone!!!
Jayme&Restless Jackson
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I have 7 cats, they are most active at night so they sleep in their own room or I would get no sleep at all.
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Yup, that sounds like mine. The oldest (the tabby) is 3 years olds and does now sleep at night. He even comes and tells me when it's my bedtime. The youngest is female and is just about 1 and 1/2 years old. She is still wired in the wee hours. I usually have to confine her in order to sleep. Fortunately I have a closed in back porch which she loves to explore. So out she goes and she's happy and I get to sleep.

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It takes time and training but it is possible eventually to get some sleep! As you are doing, play with him before bedtime, maybe give him a small snack and then ignore him when he tries to play. Mine all learnt but it took some time, and even now I get the occasional chase across my bed at 4 AM.
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Wow, Thank-you so much for all of the feed back on Jackson's sleepless nights! Iam happy to report last nite went very well , Yes there was a few jumps and meow's but I loved them as always. Jackson's spent most of the night on my pillow wrapped around my head! *He's so cute*. I figured If pulled out the laser pointer and played a little before bed it might help...So I did, and then Jackson had some yummy soft food, which put him right into lala land...and me of course...So all in all last nite went well, Thanks again for all of the suggestions and feed back. Jayme & Jackson ARE GETTIN SOME SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Bye for now...
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Toy Toy Toys. Lot of them and with catnip should work. You could close the door. Ware him out before bed. Try to do this in order to get him on your schedule.
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