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Getting to know Jackson...

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Hey everyone, this is my first time on a cat forum, Iam excited to hear feedback from all of you! So here it is...
Iam Jayme and my beautiful boy's name is Jackson, I got him from the SPCA in calgary, Ab March 29th, he is absolutely amazing!
We had only had Jackson home for a near 24hours and he developed a sneeze which really had me worried, because when we got him, the SPCA made us aware that Jackson may be sent home with a URI (Upper respiratory Infection) So immediatley I took Jackson to our family vet! the Dr. said that the reason why Jackson was sneezing was only because he was somewhat stressed and had caught a slight cold...He prescribed Jackson a antibiotic called Clavamox, which then made him extremly sick....To make a long story short Jackson is no longer on any antibiotics but continues to sneeze..(Not NEARLY as much) and Iam still somewhat concerned, although we have found Jackson sneezes more often when he is in a unknown place, or feels somewhat stressed... Could this sneezing be caused by stress...? Allergies? Any comments or Idea's I would love to hear them! Thank for takin the time to read my concerns!
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I would advice a re check by the family vet .... URIs can be hard to get rid of
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The sneeze could also be from dust or the litterbox or if he has long hair maybe.

You could call the vet and let him know and see what they say. My cats sneeze on occation but I would only really worry if there is discharge from the nose or eyes, runny eyes or goopy eyes, anything like that...
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Thanks for all your replies
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Thank-you for your concern, Jackson is sneezing less, I did take him back to the vet for a 2nd visit, and he says Jackson is doing fine. Jackson is being neutered tomorrow and he will have another check-up to be sure he is recovering from his cold~ Thanks again
Jayme and Jackson
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