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Reguritataing Kitten

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I Have Had A Look At Other Posts, But None Have The Same Situation As Me.
He's A 16 Week old Siamese Male (Neutered At 12 Weeks), And As Far As I Know he's Done It Twice Now, Although He Could Have Done More When I Was Out.

What He Does, Is Just Chuck Up. It's Like A Babies Chuck, And There's No Heave-Ho About It. It's Not There, Then He Goes Tense For Like, Half A Second, Then Spits. He Did It Sunday After Breakfast, On My Foot, Then This Morning Around The Same Time, But This Time I Was On My Bed, And He Was Sitting On My Tummy. When He Did It Sunday, I Thought It Might Be Because His Kitty-Milk Was A Bit Old (About 5 Days), But This Morning's Milk Was Freshly Opened Yesterday, And He Still Did It.

It's Sort Of White, Like All He's Bringing Up Is His Milk, Although He Had Some Biscuits Before It, This Morning, And They We're There Too, Not Whole Though. But The Gross Part Is He Tries To Eat It Again, And Tells Me Off When I stop Him, Like He Really Wants To Eat It.

At The Moment His Daily Diet Is: About 25-50mil Of Whiska's Cat Milk Before I Go To Work Ususally Heated Slightly In Microwave; 1/3 Cup Of Whiska's Kitten Biscuits When I Get Home 3 Hours Later, Which He Eats Throughout The Day; And 1 Pouch Of Whiska's Kitten Food, Mixed Up With His Leftover Biscuits At Night, And He Usually Finishes That In the Morning If He Didn't Eat It All The Night Before.
The Guide On The Bisciut Box Does Say 1/2-2/3 Biscuts And I think 2 Pouches, But There's No Way He'd Eat All That, Even Without The Milk.

Is It Normal, Might He Grow Out Of It? Or Should I Just Take Him Off The Milk? It Would Be A Shame Because He Loves His Morning Milk, But If I Hae To take Him off It, I Will. This Is My First Time With A Pedigree, Let Alone Siamese, Although I've Grow Up With Moggies, So I Only Sort Of Know What To Expect TY
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I would take him off Whiskas and put him on a better quality food. I would elevate his food bowl a bit, move the water away from the food, not to far, but make it so he has to walk to get a drink. I would take him off the cat milk and put him on kitten replacment milk if it is available for you.

It is instinct for him to eat his sick-up. All cats will if given a chance, it is a survival technique (get rid of the smell before the predators find him). If he keeps vomiting, take him in to your vet. I would take him in today or tomorrow, but that is just me. I never consider a kitten healthy until it reaches its 6 month birthday. To much can happen when they are young.
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