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Ok so I'm the one who's cat had to stay in my room all the time because she didn't get along with the roommate's cat. Well things went quite sour with my roommate, so I am finally out, and in my own place. My baby is now running all around and LOVING that she's out of prison. (I think I'm more happy for her than she is ) Background: I got her in the beginning of September '05, and just moved April 1st '06. A month after I got her she started pooping outside her box, and from then on barely EVER did it in her box, no matter how clean it was, and I had 2 in there for a while, she just wouldn't do it. I didn't care, since I loved her (and it was someone else's carpet, who I was mad at so I didn't care, haha ) and thought it was just how she was. Well we've been in the new place where she's "free" so to speak, for over a week...the pan is in the bathroom now, and she has not gone poop outside of it once. My question is, do you think she was so stressed in the other house being cooped up in the room and knowing there was another cat there, and being secluded from the other people? Or do you think it's just behavioral and in a month, she'll go back to doing it outside the box like she did before, after she gets used to the place? I never thought that being stuck in the room would make her stressed enough to poop outside her box all the time, since she seemed happy otherwise, but you know more than I do ... Just wondering... and hoping I don't find poop on the carpet in a few weeks, ha.
Thanks guys!
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Glad to hear Shiraz is appropriately using the litterbox.
Unless there are health or stress issues, your baby will continue using it. Sending a congratulation kiss to Shiraz for having a nice place of her own and for being a good kitty!
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Sounds like you are both happy and she has got the hang of it all. I would put the previous behaviour down to stress.
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