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Hump on back?

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Beauty was a fat cat when I first met her. Since my boyfriend and I moved in together I began to regulate ALL the cats diet so that his cats could lose some weight and my cat wouldn't get fat.

Beauty has lost some weight, it's pretty noticeable. However, since she's lost some of the weight, I've notice this hump on her back. It's not a hump like you would think a camel, but more its even from the head to midway the back, then from there it arches up to almost like a plateau form. Is this something I should be concerned with (really my boyfriend be concerned)?

I know he hasn't taken her to the vet since she's had all of her shots. Just curious.

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How old is the kitty? How much weight was lost and over what period of time? I would be very concerned if the weight was lost quickly or if the cat is older. I would definitely recommend that a vet check her out to rule out any problems (like hyperthyroidism or liver disease).
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It's imperative that this kitty be examined by a professional. Please take her to the Vet to receive a throrough physical exam.
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Thanks! I will. She's about 11 years old and the weightloss hasn't been dramatic (when we first started her tummy was very close to dragging on the ground. Now its a good inch or two off this being a year and a half later).
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