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Come see Rascal's page

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What a nice site, Alicia! And Rascal is a doll! He looks just like my niece's cat, Rex! Adorable!
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I've been working on Rascal's site. I've gathered stories and information from other websites. Be sure to look at all of the things I've added including the pictures. I've put a Cat of the Month, Featured Breed of the Month, Cat Tips, and In Memory of. In Memory of is for cats that have passed away. I've included pictures of Max and Queso. And be sure to register and put your cat pictures so that one can be selected as Cat of the Month. Right now, the cat of the month is a Shelter cat named Simona. And the featured breed is the Aby. I've also included pictures of the cat's cousins like lions and tigers. So enjoy! I still haven't gotten Rascal's recent pictures yet, but I will get to it as soon as possible!
I used information from here if nobody minds. Just information on health and nutrition, nothing serious. Like spay and neuter and kitten feeding. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Alicia! What a great website! good job!
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Cool!! Great site!! Well done!!
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Good Job, it looks really good.
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Thanks everyone! I am learning a lot from. One day, I will make a new site for Rascal. I am still learning a lot!
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