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rrrggg, a Llasa Apso

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So I found an ad today for a free purebred 4 year old, half blind male Llasa Apso with out papers which the owners mother-in-law left with her. The "owner" advertized him as being good for breeding and needs him to get a good home fast.

I sent an email asking how long she would be willing to foster him if I take him to get neutered and vaccinated and find him a good home. Times like this I sooo wish I didn't live in my tiny apartment with 6 cats who are a bit stressed as it is. Plus I am not exactly allowed to have a dog. I don't know any other way to go about this. If I should butt in at all?? Everything I know and believe is telling me to get involved...but the other part is telling me I cannot help them all and let it go...

If anyone lives in Ohio or NW Pennsylvania area and would like a lovely little dog please please let me know, even to foster. I am asking all my friends to. I really want to help this dog because people like this make me mad. But neutering him and vaccinating him is a decent amount of money...I do have low cost clinics nearby however...AHHH I am going back and forth...I guess I will see what her email says...maybe she is a good person that just doesn't know better. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions and she will be willing to work with me a bit.
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I think you're doing the right thing. I would too. `Good for breeding?' Some people make me so mad.

Keep us posted please, and to you for being so kind-hearted.
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They contacted me back and said they already found a "rescuer" so I don't know. I have a feeling they didn't do any sort of looking into the people they gave him too. But they told the new owners to give him back if it doesn't work out and if htey do she will call me. She thanked me for my wanting to help and seemed happy that I did, however since they had just given him away it was too late.
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was the pup posted on petfinder's classifieds? I saw that also and was wondering what rescue group they gave him too.... I have a Lhasa and they are great dogs, as long as you don't have kids If you ever need a foster, don't hesitate to PM me Jen, I can possibly do a foster thing, as long as the dog is okay with cats and Vino gives his approval

BTW Ratties are doing great! I actually got another one- went to the pet store and there she was, all alone! My cage is huge so I figured "What the hell" her name is Calypso and she is slightly bigger than the babies, but they're all getting along famously
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