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Cat *grooms* kitty grass?

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Does anyone know what might cause this amusing behavior? My cat has no interest in catnip, but she adores live kitty grass-- she'll sleep next to it, and bury/rub her face in it... sometimes, she even tries to roll in it. The thing is, she seems to have no interest in ingesting it; rather, she'll *lick* the stuff for what seems like hours on end, as if she's grooming either herself or a kitten. Sometimes, she'll switch back and forth between grooming it and then grooming herself... two licks for the kitty grass, two licks for her paw, and so on. Any thoughts as to what might be going on in her head?
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Quite normal. She'll probably start nibbling on the grass soon. Anyway, she is loving it and that's what's important.
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Awwww I would love to see that!!! that sounds sooooo cute!!! My Willow eats the grass like there's no tomorrow if it were her choice I would have a cat nip kitty grass covered room.....kinda like a house made of candy for us humans lol
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Thanks, all. It is pretty hilarious. If we had a kitty grass room, I think she'd be in heaven.
She's a happy indoor kitty now, but before she was brought to the shelter she was living outside on her own. I have this theory that the smell of the grass actually makes her think she's outside again!
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Sounds really cute! I'm glad she's got a good home now!
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Oliver always burries and rubs his face in his grass, but always chomps too during this process... never really grooms it though - that sounds cute!
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I have tried kitty grass twice and Abi looks at it and then at me with an "is this woman nuts?" look and walks away. honeysuckle she loves. but no grass no catnip.

Oddly, after cleaning with clorox. she adores the smell on my hands.
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