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Awfull Week

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I don't believe the week I am having this is the events so far

Monday Tommy caught a cold and had to go to the vets €30

Wed Charlie caught cold and despite the vet saying if he gets it as well just give him the medicine prescribed for Tommy, he seemed worse so I took him down just to be on the safe side, he had a throat infection as well so had to start a course of cortozone injections €30

Thursday am - boarding cat seemed to have had a fit and was wobbley asked OH to take to vets while I was at work

Thursday am - getting ready to take cat to vets when Boris (one of our dogs) jumped the wall straight into a cactus bush..... dog panicking and screaming in pain.. boarding cat back in pen Boris put into car and rushed to vets for sedation and 1 hour with 3 people pulling out cactus thorns €85

Thursday am/pm - Boris brought home and boarding cat taken to vets bloods taken but nothing found cat back to normal in afternoon and ok since (thank goodness) €20 Charlie also back for another injection €10

Friday Charlie back to vets for last cortosone injection €10

Sat & Sun quiet

Monday - just feeding dogs when I spotted Bonnie my Cocker/Poodle cross didn't come to be fed she was just lying on the floor drooling from her mouth (she had been fine an hour earlier) bounding around and playing with Boris.

Rushed to vets, heart rate very very slow, no temperature, being sick and very anemic. Put on drip vet wanted her to stay in but she got so distressed when left in cage vet decided better for her to come home with drip which I have set up in my living room. Bonnie has now pulled out drip (vet said not to worry as she had already had 1/2 a bottle when we brought her home). Blood results back tomorrow, but vet doesn't think it is poison and it may be a virus she has had a bad reaction too.Possible the same one the cats have had.

I am so worried about her she is in a cage sleeping at the moment I have to take her back in the morning. I dread to think what this will cost but I would give my soul for her so I don't really care I just want my little dog to be better.

Please send lots of vibes for her I am so worried.
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aww i am sorry to hear that

how come they are getting all sick at the same time??
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Tommy & Charlie had a cold virus so the vet did warn me all the cats may come down with it.

Boris was just bad timeing on his part ...

The boarding cat was nothing to do with the cold virus they are isolated and neither of the cats in the pen have the cold.

The virus may be related to Bonnies sickness though.
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Oh my goodness... get well vibes for the furbabies coming your way.....
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Oh my word you are really having a terrible time! I am so sorry you and all your babies are having these problems.
I really hope your dog is ok and she just picked up a bug from the cats, nothing more. **hugs** to you.
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Oh no, what a bad week you definately are having!

I hope that everything gets better!
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I will send good vibes so the week gets better.
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Awww what a horrible week. Sending loads of vibes your way so that it (and your babies) can only get better from here!
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Slept on the floor with Bonnie last night I was so scared something was going to happen in the night and I wouldn't be there.

At around 2.30 am she suddenly sat up sniffed the air and trotted into the kitchen and started to wolf down Jess's food (Jess never eats all her food) the vet had told me not to let her eat so I quickley picked it up. Then she wentto the water bowl and drank water. i didn't stop her as I figured if she was thirsty it should be a good sign. She then asked to go outside

I went back to my own bed and Bonnie curled up in her dog bed, she is still there now but she is very subdued and quiet not like her normal self (picture Pepe la phew) it feels really strange to walk around my house without her glued to my ankle and to make a cup of coffe & breakfast without her lying at my feet.

She didn't even follow me to the toilet and I bet you didn't know mom cannot go unaccompanied to the loo, this morning I had to cope with just Tommy, Charlie & Jade helping me..... no Bonnie with her head on my knee (there is just no privacy in this house).

Back to the vets at 8.30 just keep praying she is over the worst.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.
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Hope that things are looking up for you and your fur babies. And i wasn't surprised that you have to have help in the private room as my 4 just know that I cant be in there by my self they open the door to help me. Hope that your vet lets you pay of your bill. Chin up
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Just got back from vet, her temperature in up a bit but her heart rate is back to normal.

She is very sleepy and quiet not like Bonnie at all, Boris came to play and she snapped at him told him to clear off.

I have decided to stay at home to keep an eye on her, she is back to following me everywhere and sleeping at my feet wherever I go.

Should have bloods back tomorrow so will know more but the vet told me she had a violent reaction to a virus and her body shut down.....very scarey.

The vet is very good I have used them several times and now have a good relationship with them. The other vet is good as well I never know which one to choose because they are both lovely so I take the cats to one and the dogs to the other LOL. Share the business about a bit...

She told me not to worry about the bill, bless, just pay as you can. I told her that luckily I have money at the moment (business is good) but it may not always be that way and it is good to know that I do not have to worry if I have an emergency in the future.
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I hope everything will be alright!
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great news! and what a lovely vet you have offering to let you pay it up.
Still sending healing {{{vibes}}}
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Bonnie is much better today I would say nearly back to normal she has a pretty pink bandage with purple hearts on where the drip was removed and it is still on she has made no attemp to remove it.

The bloods are back and everything was fine except for th eliver levels. Aparently these are up a little but the vet says this is possibly because of the virus or because she has eaten a toxin. So she has tablets for a month for her liver and some antibiotics as well.

She has to go back in a month for more blood tests to make sure her liver is back to normal.

If it's not......... then she has to have a biopsy or something....fingers crossed.

The good news was the bill €110 which I thought was very reasonable I was expecting over €200
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Bonnie I am glad you are feeling better.
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"It never rains, but pours!" Wow! Have you heard of any other "clusters" of pet illnesses? that it's all coincidence, and that everybody recovers quickly.
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