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How to keep your toys away from your sister

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This is mine and she is not getting it

Do you not understand me?

STOP following me!

Face facts Mum. I'm never gonna give it up and my mouth is comfortable wedged open like this
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Sleeves, you are such a silly boy!
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Lauren how the heck did Sleeves get that in his mouth!

Was he like that for long? In those last two shots he looks like a snake when it's got a rat in it's mouth
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Hi did it the other day but I forgot to take pics. He walked around like that for so long we got worried it was stuck. Then he dropped it and quickly shoved it back in his mouth so it definately wasn't stuck.
Anyway tonight he was making a sort of growling noise everytime anyone went near him the ball was covered in drool when he finally dropped it he was like that for ages.
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Awww Lauren that's so sweet - Sleeves is just a tad territorial isn't he
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Awww bless him!. He sounds like a dog when you go to take it's bone away

Sophie growls at some of her toys when she's playing with them but it's like she's mad at them?. She sounds like a baby lion cub
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What a goofball!

I love that last pic... he must really love that ball!
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Awww, what a cutie! He looks like a very determined little boy!
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OMG!! Sleeves you silly boy!!
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kitten has gorgeous eyes!!
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Oh my! I can't believe Sleeves got that whole thing in there!!
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That is the funniest thing. What great pictures!
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That was so cute. Did sister get it
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LOL. "Next line of defense? Storing it in that cheek pouch no one knows I have! NYAH!"
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That was too funny!! My what a big mouth you have!
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Chip was carrying around one of Pixel's soft foam balls like that last night... funny part was, no one else was the least bit interested in it!
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What are you like, Sleeves?!!

Tibby does that quite often with his toys too!! Actually, he does it with Willow's and Molly's toys too!
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This morning Skittles had all of her toys under my bed. LOL She had to take them away from the puppy while she was sleeping last night
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