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should we get another cat?

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I have a question that is bugging our whole family and we really do not know the answer.We have the cutest almost 2 year old cat, Jakub, cross between Tonkinese and Ragamuffin. But we would like to get another kitten, since we made the mistake of not getting his brother when we got him. I would just like to know, whether it is a good idea to get a second kitten. The only problem is Jakub's personality, he is very vocal, he would just sit in front of my sisters' doors for hours and meow, he can do this for 2-3 hours until he gets tired and falls asleep, he is also very aggressive but only towards me, the person who takes 100% care of him. Nothing from the tips on this site reagrding calming the aggression did not work, I tell him "NO" and he gets angrier, I stop playing with him and it just make me an easier target. The only thing that stops him is a sniff of toothpaste believe it or not, the menthol smell he cannot stand. I would guess that at least the yelling is caused by being bored, but I am not sure. That is why I am here, I highly value your comments, suggestions, and expertise.
Do you thing it is a good idea to get a kitten, will this help with his behaviour? Will it be very difficult for them to get used to each other? Should I try to set up a play date with a friend's cat to see how he acts, will this get him more used to the fact that there is another cat? And the last thing, would a Bengal be a good choice?
Thank you so much, Eva
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Does it have to be a specific breed?

If you were to contact a no-kill rescue adoption agency, they are experienced in being able to place the right age and temperament cat with the right family and other cat members. Or they could advise you on whether another cat would be a wise idea or not.
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Yeah, the organization/shelter can help, so can a breeder but I wanted to ask people here because I would like to know what people here, with their experiences, have to say.
And to the question of a specific breed, I like what breeders offer, and what a specific breed offers. That is all. Genetics... nice thing to play with.
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I understand that. I just feel that what one can explain on the internet in regards to a cat's pesonality,or interaction, is very limited, which is my belief and experience.

So based on that, my feeling would be to have someone who is experienced actually be able to observe the behavior and interaction and see the details of the household, then I would tend to come on here with the results and ask what people thought of the results.

I would think that would be a valid answer based on my experience
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Tonkinese (and Siamese) cats are vocal because it's their nature, so Jakub's just doing what comes naturally, but he doesn't know that 'No' means 'no', though he'll probably figure it out soon. Getting another cat has nothing to do with any of that. If you do get one, be prepared for a couple of wks of hostility, then they should become friends, but get a younger cat, who'll understand his 'place' and not threaten Jakub. I wouldn't get, say, a Persian or other type that's really laid back and quiet tho', better one who can keep up with Jakub a bit.
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First of all "play dates" do not work with cats. They are not like a dog that is willing to meet a new friend to play with.

I'm assuming your kitty is neutered (if not, don't bring in another cat until he is). Also, I'm assuming you do cut his nails often.

Now as far as getting another kitten, he should be fine. You don't want a too layed back type nor an aggressive one either. Something inbetween. I think a bengal might be too much in personality. I'd look for a nice solid mixed breed about 12-14 lbs. A female might be better in your case rather then another male if he's on the aggressive side.

The talking is typical with siamese (which tonkineses has in it), so nothing you can do about that.

Read on how to introduce a new cat before you bring one in. You don't just put them in the same room and think they will get along.
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Yes, he is neutred, even though sometimes with thing that they just kept him overnight and he is still not neutred, that is a joke we have.. We expected him to be a bit more calm after being neutred, did not happen.
So play dates do not work, makes sense...His nails are trimmed often, because he does get nervous if they get too long that is the first thing we do. As to him being vocal, I knew he would be and I do not have problem with that, if just he did not do this before, he would just talk to us, but now he would just stand there and yell and try different voices and types of meow to see which one works and I was just woried whether he is not bored. We do play with him, but to him human is just human I guess.
So a female would be better and Bengal is too much personality. How about Abyssinian? Why is too much personality a bad thing I thought it would be a good idea to get something close to his personality.
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Bengals seem to be too aggresive at times - you already have a "tough" guy - you don't want a cat that will challage him. And Bengals are very active, so you need a more calming cat that will play but not cause your cat to be more aggressive.
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If you do decide to bring home a new cat, please click here to read about how to introduce the new cat to your old cat. If you follow these instructions you are much more likely to have a successful adoption than if you just put the two cats together all at once.
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