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I think I'm done for the day

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I've stared at a computer for 8.5 hours now. Got some thing accomplished, but I don't think I can look at the computer anymore without feeling sea sick.

Lately I've been feeling this way. It's kind of difficult since I am a computer person and most of my projects need to get done on the computer or server!

Anyone else have this issue? I keep closing my eyes, but don't want anyone to walk in and think I'm sleeping!
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ah, just let em think you're sleeping, because then you can show them you arent because you'll start typing away again.

Im glad my job isnt on a computer. It hurts my eyes after like an hour.

Good luck with all that. Maybe close your eyes for a few minutes, see what happens...youll never know.
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Maybe you need glasses? I have recently started feeling that way and on Saturday I finally went for an eye-test and yup...new glasses But I am looking forward to being able to not feel icky after spending time on the pc.
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Glasses actually give me more of a headache! i have something wrong with my eyes, they are wrong in the inside of my head!
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I've been on the computer for two hours and I've got a headache. *sigh*
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Yeah, my job is on the computer all day. I would love it if I could break mid-day to do something physical, like go to a gym. I could almost guarantee that I would have more energy and be more efficient.

My only escape is wandering in and out of TCS...
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Have you tried taking a few minutes of a break when this happens? It helps if you walk around and get your bearings again, or at least look out a window and look pointedly at things (not concentrating, necessarily, but pointedly noticing things). The best thing would be to walk around outside, but if you at least find a quiet place (like a lobby or foyer) of the office to walk around and maybe sit down for a moment in, that would work, too.

I'm sure it would be fine with your boss if you explained why you needed to do it. I'm not sure what the labor laws in Michigan are, but here in CA, they're required to allow two ten minute breaks and at least a half-hour lunch break daily. Any company that does not give that option (without making the employee feel bad for doing the breaks) is breaking the law and can be reported. They take it very seriously here.

Another thing...how's your eye prescription? Have you updated it in the last year?

One other thing I can think of that might cause it is taking a new birth control pill. My doctor has tried a couple different ones with me (and I'm on a very strong one right now) for endometriosis, and each time it changes, I get VERY nausious the first month (and sometimes half of the second month, too).

Could it be any of those?
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