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Flower Power

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Here are a few pictures from my yard. It is blooming with color and I couldn't resist sharing with you. Spring has sprung, finally!

Hope these brighten someone's day!
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Sniff Sniff nothing is spring here. I want spring so bad. At least I can print your pictures up and star at them all day. I will wall paper my windows with them.
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I think I like internet spring better.... no pollen to make me sniffle!
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very nice pics!
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Gorgeous! Just plain BEAUTIFUL!
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Beautiful flowers!!
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Know what you mean about the sniffles, but Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year because of all the color. It is just such a dynamic feeling in the air.

The first picture of the peach blossom is one of the last. The orchard was gorgeous in full bloom, but I was sick and didn't get to take pictures. I was just too miserable to enjoy them much this year. My allergies keep turing into bronchitis. Yuck! I've had it three times this past year. I am definitely sick of being sick!
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What beautiful flowers. I love to look at flowers, but I am another person with spring allergies.
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Beautiful pictures and they have brighten up my day! thank you!
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