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Licking my nose and face

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Yeah Vevina was doing much better after a while. She was a foster of mine, I got her and Tage from some chick who said she had to move and couldn't bring them with her, but that she would come and get them again in a month or two.. (Yeah right!) But anyway
She probably fed them some horrid food and never paid a lick of mind to their dental health. Me... I scrubbed her teeth good, just like I do all my puttins.
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I have one of those silly kitty questions. I have two little purr babies, Trouble and Marbles. Since the time I have gotten them, Trouble has had a thing with jumping onto my lap and licking my nose. She then expanded to licking my face (nose, chin, eyelids)while I am laying in bed trying to sleep, and now she pretty much licks any skin that is readily available when I am sleeping. Just recently, Marbles has started it while I am sleeping too, but she is more tentative about it. I don't mind the behavior at all. I look at it as a good exfoliation (sandpaper tongue), but I was wondering if anyone might know why they are doing it? Are they in need of more sodium and are licking my skin for it? Do they see me as another big cat and I am dirty? Any ideas?

Thanks .
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I could be totally wrong, but I think they see you as their big mama cat, and are licking you like their mama licked them. I see it as Kitty Kisses! But you may a little dirty to them, too. :laughing2:

Ophelia cleans our hands when we pet her, little licks. She also will lick hubby's nose and eyes if he is laying down, or if she wants to wake him up for her lovin's. Only with him (she did it to me when she was a little kitten, but not since she has grown up ) and she is a total daddy's girl.

I don't think that kittens especially see us as anything more than big strange looking cats. I remember when Ophelia was little she was just horrified when we got undressed. You could just read her little face - "What are you doing taking your fur off??!!??" :LOL:
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Basically, we start this behaviour in cats by handling them. Have you ever noticed that after you hold Marbles or Trouble for any length of time that when they finally jump down off you the first thing they do is lick their fur? Not only are they trying to redistrubute the balance of their smell that our smell has interrupted but that is also when they "taste" our sweat on their fur, and they usually like the taste. So next time they come up on our laps they start to tentatively lick us to absorb the odor our skin gives off and start to liking it. These are the kitties that truly bond to you and develop quite the personality.
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Ishies licks random body parts.. she will also randomly attack you in bed (like my unmoving elbow for example)

I had a foster cat... Vevina a while back... she like to bit my lip ring, lip, nose.. what have you. I can't remember if it was her or Isha that licked my eyelids however.

Anyway, it was quiet the annoyign thing to wake up to... seeing a cat latched onto the tip of your nose (not to mention her stinky kitty breath.)
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Interesting thoughts .

I have also noticed that Trouble will lick my fingers, and nibble at the tips. Actually, it is more like *lick* *lick* *nibble* *repeat*. If I keep my hand in a fist, she won't nibble just lick, but as soon as my fingers are hanging loosely, she is back to nibbling. It doesn't hurt, and I don't think she means harm, but I thought I would mention that too . Licks and nibbles. I do love them.

As for random attacking, I have noticed that if I am in bed under just a sheet, Marbles will jump on the bed. Stradle my UNmoving leg, and bite at my feet. She acts all sweet about it at first, just like she is sniffing, then the next thing I know little kitty teeth sinking into soft footy flesh. Yikes!

As for the naked thing, my cats are used to it. I live alone in a second floor apartment, with no one to see in my windows (if the blinds weren't drawn). I usually run around in a teeshirt or other half naked clothing. My cats also sit on the edge of the bath tub while i shower and MROOOW at me, so they have seen Mommy naked, and don't seem too scarred by the experience. They are still young however .
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LOL I thought my cats were the only crazy ones.
Asim will stick his head in the shower (getting all wet) and just MRROOOWW! lol

I kinda thought maybe cats licked us because of the salt on our bodies, cause some animals like that. My mom had a rat that loved to lick the salt/sweat off my moms face... weird animals.
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Oh AngelzOO I know that stinky kitty breath, I found some hard Dental Diet food that Dani likes to eat as treats... seems to freshen that breath right up.

Dani has just begun to show her personality, she loves to come sleep next to me but she waits until I'm asleep to do it... when I wake up, there she is. But if she wakes up before me, she'll come lick my forehead. She's a cutie.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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