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Our sponsors...

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In case you haven't noticed, we now have forum sponsors on TCS

We have -

SpoilMyKitty.com sponsoring the lounge (soon to appear on other forums too btw!)

Plain Brown Tabby sponsoring the Health and Nutrition forum!

CozyCatFurniture.com sponsoring the Behavior forum (at least for this week , hopefully for longer).

Please show these sponsors your support! Show them how sponsoring TCS is good for their business! Take the time to visit the sponsoring threads and then to visit their site. Shopping for cat products? These sponsors truly bring you the best in cat products, so please shop with them!

Yours truly will be reminding you to do so often!
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Oh, one more thing, don't be shy about it. If you think their sites are interesting, drop them a note and tell them you found them through TCS. Buying from them? mention TCS!

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I was having a look at them this morning funnily enough, especially the Cozy cat furniture

I'll let them know tomorrow
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Thank you sponsors .... I am also glad the banners are nice and not so loud
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Thanks for letting us know Anne.
I will be visiting TCS's sponsors often.
They will be my first choice when I purchase kitty products.
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I'll be headed over there soon Anne! Thanks for letting us know!
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I can only personally vouch for one of our sponsors so far, but I highly recommend Plain Brown Tabby for toys and treats that you generally can't find around town. I know I've not seen many of the products that Pat carries at my local stores. Both of my cats had a VERY happy Christmas this last year, thanks to the toys from Plain Brown Tabby! (And Ophelia is very picky about what toys she plays with!)
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I noticed, too, and have already done some "window shopping". Thanks for having cat friendly sponsors!
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I checked out both of the sites that sell cat furniture, and they have some good deals, esp w/ free shipping on some of 'em. If Hubby lets me spend some money on replacing my tree, that's where we are buying then!
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Bumpity Bump~ And thanks for the great feedback guys!

One new sponsor since I started this thread -
KittyCat Boutique - go visit the site, it's beautifully designed and a treat to the eye! KittyCat Boutique are general forum sponsors, and their ad shows at the bottom of every page along with our other sponsors. Do check them out and keep the positive feedback coming!
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Our sponsers are awesome! :Clap:
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