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Sadie has a cold

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Just wondering what you think of letting my new 3-month old female ocicat work through her cold herself vs giving her medication? Does anyone have any experience with this?

(And, how do I go about posting Sadie's photo with my messages?)
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Hi and welcome to TCS

Has Sadie been seen by a vet yet? I would recommend a vet visit. The vet would know if medication is necessary or not.

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Welcome...I have a sweet Sadie girl too.
If it were me, I would not wait or guess ... I would have a vet check Sadie.
Please keep us updated.
I will look forward to seeing her picture.
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Yes, Sadie has seen a vet (confirmed it's just a cold). The vet gave me some medicine for her but it isn't well received by Sadie (she apparently isn't happy taking the pills). In the last day her sneezing has reduced by half and she isn't weezing or anything like that. The vet didn't seem too concerned with the cold. So, I was wondering if it's worth the fight with Sadie for her to take her pills, or if she should just fight it off herself. Thanks for letting me know about posting the picture.
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It sounds like the pills are helping.
Some people here will have some ideas for you about how to give pills.
Also...you can use the search tool in this forum to get more info about how to give a kitty a pill without risking your life.
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