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Eagle cam!

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Hey, this isn't exactly cat related, but its super cool. This is a live webcam of a nesting bald eagle, on her eggs in a nest with sound, running 24/7. There is a 30 second ad you have to view first, and then the cam comes on. If its black, chances are its night time. Its on Hornby Island off the vancouver coast. The eggs are due to hatch in April. Now and then you can see the one eagle trade off with its mate, allowing you to see the eggs. I've usually seen this happen soon after sunrise.

Does anyone know of any Cat Cams?
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That's so cool! It doesn't have to be cat-related. That's what the Cat Lounge forum is for
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Nothing much happening at the moment, but its great to see the eagle on the nest and 'live' as well.
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I think someone posted this a couple weeks ago, but its still really cool! I decided to look at it when I went home and the sound was on really high. It sort of makes a buzzing sort of sound. Well the funniest thing happened! My 3 cats all stood up looking around startled. Hope ran away. Autumn was soon to follow. And Meeka was standing there growling up a storm!!!

All from the eagle cam!
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This is awesome!!! My 4 year old, Alleaha, is going to make me keep this on all day and all night....
She wants to see the eggs....
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This beautiful nesting Eagle, sitting on her eggs, live in real time, should not be missed if you have broadband.

Be sure to turn on your sound...
double click the Eagle for full screen.
Sometimes the site gets really busy...
if you have problems getting on --- keep trying.
Her babies should be hatched soon.
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I can't get my daily eagle fix today.........the site must be down.
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Well Susie, I am glad you couldn't get on because you bumped this thread up. I had never seen it. But try again because I got on just fine
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Working for me too, cute little (big) fuzzy eaglettes.
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I guess I did bump it huh? Glad you get to see it. I'm addicted to it. I check in everyday to see the momma and babies! Let me check again Tanya!

Yea, it is back on, but not much happening right now. I was watching yesterday, and the mother brought a small rodent to the nest and was feeding the babies from it. Kind of gross.........
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heheheh .... I'm watching it now and one of the babies pooped!
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It was sad when the 2 eggs from the other nest did not hatch.

I am so glad to know that there are babies that hatched in another nest.
Very exciting.
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Oh yuck, I know it's the circle of life, but I just watched the momma eagle fly in with a dead rodent and feed it to the babies...........ugh.
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hehehe.. babie birdies. Kitty wants to play witht hem . lol... they are soo cute.
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