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Ulysses is missing. I am going to strangle Tybalt. - Page 2

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Sue, I'm sorry I haven't been around to see this earlier.

I know I'm probably stating the obvious, but I didn't read here that you've searched for him? I don't know what the landscape around your home is like. If it's like here, it's woodsy, but this time of year isn't too overgrown to prevent getting out there.

I expect you already know this, but just in case, it has been documented that most "lost" cats will go to ground within a "3 block" radius of the home. In the woods, that's a large area to cover. But a cat that has been scared and/or injured will not necessarily come when called. It seems like it would be instinct for kitty to head to home and safety when something happens, and plenty do. But many don't. There are too many "found kitty" stories out there of indoor/outdoor cats that didn't come home for dinner for whatever reason, and were then found hiding under the porch, or the neighbor's porch, or a storm drain entrance despite calling for them for days, walking through the back yard "popping" can tops, &etc.

I know it's been a while, but cats are amazing creatures. Especially as he was semi-feral before, he knows how to survive if it came to that. Why he wouldn't head home if he could, we'll never know. But if he is out there, perhaps injured, and he's "gone to ground," it is VERY likely that it is reasonably near where you live.

I'm so sorry this had to happen. Sending "Sue and Ulysses find each other" vibes!


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Yeah, we have tried a lot of that. No luck. I trimmed my hair and set the clippings out for him to catch my scent. We went as far in the woods as was passable, which sadly wasn't far. The woods are very thick and scary here, LOL. We have posters up, have talked with neighbors, there is local road construction going on and I have talked with the crew, asking them to let us know if they see him...nothing at all so far.

Thanks for continuing to keep Ulysses in your thoughts, it is really appreciated.
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Sue, I put this website together for those with lost animals, even though he is a feral, Ulys is probably still close by
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Do you have a picture of Ulysses that you can post? We can all consintrate on the picture & wish him home?
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I'm so sorry Ulysses hasn't come home yet! I know your family is hurting right now, with your recent losses. Ulysses may still be out there.

Hugs to you as you search for this special boy.
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Sue, I'm just reading this now. I hope the silly boy comes home soon!
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Originally Posted by otisbird
Do you have a picture of Ulysses that you can post? We can all consintrate on the picture & wish him home?
Here is Ulysses. We all know TCS vibes work, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. If he does come home, I swear I will buy him a tuna steak...
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Just caught this thread Sue. I'm sending you very powerful come home vibes to Ulysses and comfort vibes to Arthur.

Agree with another poster - even if you let no more cats out, it is wise to send Tybault out to "mark" your property. Steve has done this in the past and it does help discourage predators from roaming your property.
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for Ulysses to come home. to you while you wait.
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"Did you hear that buddy? Mom said she'll buy you a tuna steak!! Doesn't that sound good enough to come home?!!"
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Goodness he's gorgeous, Sue. He looks like a cat called Sausage that I know.
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Just an update: still no sign of Ulysses. We continue to check with the humane society and to call for him, even though we really believe in our hearts he is gone.
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Don't give up hoping, I'm sure he will come home soon.
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I really hope he will come back someday.
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Aw Sue! Sorry to hear of the latest update.
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I can understand your situation well. My Yen is missing too. I send finding vibes your way.{{{{goodvibes}}}}}. Goodluck.
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Please don't give up hope!

Sending come home and surprise your meowmy }}}VIBES{{{ to Ulysses

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Continuing to send {{{prayers & vibes}}} for Ulysses' safe homecoming! Please come home soon, precious boy
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Aww, I'm so sorry your handsome kitty is missing! I hope he comes home soon. ((((Come home Ulysses vibes)))) going your way!
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