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1st day jitters?

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Being he's so young, I would keep him confined to a large kennel that can accomodate a litter box, food and water and nice fluffy bedding, when you're not home. When you're home open the door to the kennel and let him come into this big new world at his own pace. Being let loose in a large area too soon can make them a scary cat sometime. The kennel will give him a sense of security and it will be his little hideaway when he needs it. Eventually he'll abandon the kennel when he feels comfortable. Also, he is way too small to be expected to find his litterbox in a very large area.

Another benefit of starting them off in the kennel is that they always view a carrier or kennel as safe so when it comes to the trips to the Dr. there isn't this big fight that I know can happen when cats don't know what a kennel is. All the cats I've raised from kittens just walk into the carrier when it's time to go on an outing.

I have a lot of experience with tiny kittens because of the rescue work I do. The litter I'm raising right now are 5 weeks, well closer to 6 and I have to keep the litter boxes with 10 feet of their world or they will just go find a place to go. There little brains can't process "Now where is that litterbox".

Good Luck and let me know how he's doing.
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Well he is adjusting and trying to figure out what happened to the world he was used to. Give him time, chances are (sorry to say this) but he is probably pottying somewhere, just not where you want him to. If he is part of a feral (wild) litter, then you can get a bag of potting soil (don't use dirt from your garden or you will have bugs) but put some potting soil into the litterbox to coax his natural instincts into gear. Also make sure you block off access to all electrical cords and give this kitty plenty of diversions to occupy himself. Empty cardboard boxes, grocery bags (paper) with the handles taken off, put a rubber ball into a big bowl that he can jump in and out of - take out a drawer and set it on the floor and put his toys inside, old baskets, all kinds of things crumpled aluminum foil, empty toilet paper rolls. Welcome to kittydom! Thank you for doing this and making it easier on people who rescue during kitty season.
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I have noticed specially with kittens that young, it takes them many hours or a day before they will use their litter box or really bother to eat anything. They are too excited by their new surroundings, and before they can think about food they have fallen asleep

Definetly want to keep a close eye on him if your letting him roam your whole house, my 'rents always did that straight off with their new kits. Only one of them ever had a box problem (still does) and what do you know, she was a barn cat
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Im just thinking that maybe Ozzy has left his Mother too early. Kittens should idealy remain with their Mother until they are 8-12 weeks old. Many kittens who leave the nest too early, pine for their mother, and can make more nervous pets. (Especially Ginger cats!)

About the litter box, have you tried using the same litter he was previuosly used to? When I bought my cat, I had litter ready for her, but she would not use it, so i rang the person I got her from, asked about what litter she used, and hey presto! Lucy was fine. If you find where Ozzy is going to the toilet, then spray the area with soda water, to remove the smell.

Good luck!

Neesey xx
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