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Fred's continuting problem

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O.K. New issues with my 10 week old kitten Fred that I would love some of your input on...

On Friday, I notice Fred was going to the litter box a lot more and sometimes meowing. This continued through the weekend and I noticed that when he went to the litter box, he was producing very little.

On Monday morning, he came upstairs into my room and while I was getting ready, he went to the bathroom on my bed (all liquid but didn't seem the right color for urine). He then "assumed the posture" a few more times in other places and I kept putting him in the sink (because there was no where else). Very little was coming out, all liquid with a redish tint.

He is still eating and is playing with the same frantic energy as always. No other symptoms.

I took him to the vet on Monday morning. They gave him his second worming treatment and told me to feed him baby food (meat version only). Tried to collect stool sample but the little I could get ended up being useless because it was absorbed by litter.

I kept him isolated for 2 days on the baby food (he hated isolation). No accidents in the large bathroom where I kept him. So I let him out last night.

I have him on dry kitten food only now. Still seems to go to the litter box more frequently and still "has the urge" to go when he is upstairs and can't make it downstairs to the box. Same amount of stuff coming out (very little and all liquid).

I'm planning to take him to another vet that was recommended to me, but I was wondering if this sounds familar to anyone else.

Worried about Fred

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I don't know anything about cats in this area, but for people it could be a possible blockage.
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I would take him to another vet and have them check the urine to be on the safe side. However, another problem is that a 10 week old kitten can't make it from one floor to another. When they are that little, you need to make sure they have a litter box on every floor. Not only can't they hold it, but they sometimes forget at that age.
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If the urge is to urinate, I'd be concerned about a bladder or kidney infection; if the urge is to defecate, I'd be concerned about a blockage. As Hissy says, it could be his youth, but it's better to play it safe. Take him to the vet if in doubt. Keep your eyes open and give him that extra litter box. Good luck!
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I let Fred out of isolation after 2 days of no accidents in the bathroom and seemingly normally bowel movements. I have both Fred and Parker on dry kitten food and I have put a litter box in the upstairs bathroom.

Everything has been fine since I put the litterbox upstairs. Fred can find it and use it (and not my bed)! Hopefully this will continue.

No more signs and symptoms of anything else (not even the sneezing). Hopefully I'm past this first hump of kitten care.

Thanks for you help and suggestions.

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