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Do you need "The King" in your life?

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Someobdy has to adopt Elvis. He is such an angel. Here's his page.


He came in as a stray into the county HS I volunteer at here. He was such a doll....everyone cried when we sent him to this rescue. She(his foster mom) has been so good to him. She has taken many special kitties. Oh how I wished I could bring Elvis home with me. He was a stray that showed up...declwed(front paws), neutered, stiff leg, poor eyesight, & purring his heart out. Even the cop who brought him in liked him(& that cop hates cats).

I guess this is just me checking to see if you know of anyone looking for a cat(how many of you would take him if you could?). I hate it that no one has adopted Elvis. He is sweet, but older. He has a few bumps & bruises, but he's no less of a cat for it. Heck, he's sweeter than Twitch. He gave me goodnight kisses everytime I left the HS.
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Oh-what a doll! That poor baby needs a home. I hope that he gets one soon. Hes too precious to not get adopted!!
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What a precious baby! I wish I were closer and had a space for him. The ad for him is the best!
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Awww, what a sweet guy! Elvis is exactly the kind of cat I'd be looking for if I could have another. Sending many vibes that he finds a loving home.
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I thought his bio was the best! It still does not do justice for him, though. There are no words to describe Elvis. He is perfect in his own way. It's sad that so many people pass up a cat like Elvis. It doesn't help that kitten season is upon us. I don't know how many kittens that rescue will get(I think she prefers "special" cases-ferals, etc.), but I hope someone passes on a kitten to take Elvis home!
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Yeah, his bio is great!! I laughed out loud at some of those horrible puns Who wrote it?

I do hope somebody takes him, though. 3-5 years isn't old! And if he has a great personality, surely somebody will take him... I hope...

Oh, and I beg to differ about the "not a looker" part. I think he's lovely, tattered ear and all. But then, I've never seen a cat I didn't think was lovely...
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