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Evil personified !

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Mozzie is a pretty bengal! What generation is he?
Here's a picture of Tigger, our girl bengal when she was 14 weeks -- She's 2 now... In fact her birthday was last Sunday!
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Hi Tigger !

What a gorgeous cat you have...and happy belated Birthday
to her !!! Isn't it amazing how time flies when you are living with a kitty.

As for Mozzie's generation, we don't know and never will. While I was at uni last summer, I saw some kids kicking a box around in the street. About 30 mins later I sneaked out of rehearsals for a break and saw them hitting a grey thing on cars. I had a gut wrenching feeling that it was connected with that box, but I was high up and couldn't make out what it was. Maybe it was female intuition and all that, because I ran like an idiot, down 4 flights of outside fire escape stairs, only to find it was a kitten. They were holding it by the tail and just hitting it with full force onto the car sides and windows...I feel sick at the thought of it and can picture it like it was yesterday. I charged in there, screaming at them like a banshee. Threw stones at them, and rescued the kitten, who was unconcious, blood drips from it's ears, nose and mouth, and all I thought was left to do was to bury him after Uni. i couldn't even feel a pulse properly as it was so weak. I took him to the uni office to leave in a box in a dark cupboard, as I thought the least I could do was let him die in a peaceful, safe environment. I took the telling off 9 with hidden tears )from leaving the rehearsal, as they didn't seem to understand or care why, and was going to collect the body for burial at the end of the day. Four hours later, however, when I visited the office, there was a clatter and the paper shredder bin rattled over, and out of it staggered a far from dead kitten. The office staff had bought some cat milk and fresh roast chicken for him, when they found he was alive and moving, and let him be the centre of attention. He did have regular fits for a while, staggered a bit, and kept toppling over, from what the vets and my family all assume was brain damage, but he was so little, that the vet said we should give him a chance. We all took it in turn to sit through the following nights with him and give him sips of water and scraps of food, and he pulled through with no side effects. He even grew out of his wobbly walk and fits ! We did make efforts to trace his owners as we believe the children were travellers, and thought he might have been stolen, but no one had heard of him, so he became the King of this house, and we became his servants.........and we all lived happily ever after !!! ;D

It was only because he had the same body shape and qualities of a Bengal that I did some checking into the breed and identified the little monster. Another vet at my practice came and had a look, as she deals with a local stud and said that he was indeed, without a doubt Bengal, but not one of show quality ( who cares !?! ) as he has too much ticking in his fur. So back to the original point, we really have no idea what generation he is...is there a particular generation dedicated to the attention demanding, house wrecking, clothes marking Bengal !???!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

By the way, I love the way Tigger seems to be laughing at us too...I'm sure all the kitties in the world are mocking us !?!
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Just thought you'd like to see my evil Bengal brat...ahem...cat...Mozzie, after a particularly hectic house wrecking session...I swear he's laughing at me !?!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I can relate - when my 2 yr. old boy Loki (marble bengal) - has one of his sessions he also feels quite proud of himself. I call him the wirling durbish (sp?) - cause it can look like a tornado hit.

Don't you wish you could have some of the energy.
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Here he is, a minute or so later, looking as if butter wouldn't melt...yeah right ! He always likes to lounge around, on those rare occassions, with a leg hanging down...he's totally insane, I swear it !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I can definitely relate to that picture. :LOL: I have 2 brats of my own that run wild throughout my house and a few minutes after they are done, they have that innocent look like they did nothing wrong and they are smirking.
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I could almost hear Joker's laugh (from Batman) when I saw that first picture!

He may be evil, but he's so beautiful you can't possibly stay mad at him! I think that all cats' secret...be naughty but then play the cute card. :laughing2:
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Yeah.... that darn "cute card"...hmph..... always get away with it...... can never stay mad..... always end up getting snuggled..... try to tell them off.....fail..... more snuggles.......hmph.... :LOL:
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What a picture!!

I can relate to forgiving all... after all, I am the one who gets up at 4:30 every morning to cater to Dmitri's desire to be massaged. Oh what a cruel world he lives in!
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Love the pics! Mozzie is a beautiful cat!
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I think he is laughing at all of us. He know that cats plan on taking over the world, one household at a time. We are all victims ( and I wouldn't change a thing!).
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UMMMM--Have you ever consulted an exorcist?
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What a cutie!
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Haven't you seen Cats and Dogs? If not, then its either on video or HBO. I just saw it the other day, and those cats look so innocent, especially the persian. And I love how the one Russian Blue look so sweet to the human mother only to fight with Lou(the beagle) and Butch. I know they are planning in taking over the world!
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Alicia - I just saw Cats & Dogs the other night. I thought it was kinda cute, not something I would buy, but it was a good no brain activity movie. That Russian Blue was too cute, but the Siamese ninjas just cracked me up! :laughing2:
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Thank you all for your compliments. You are right, you just can't stay mad at the little beasties ! The cats are indeed taking over the world, and Mozzie has already succeeded in this house. He is the
centre of attention all day, every day...no wonder he is the spoilt brat, that he is !!!

Our little brat has singled me out...or rather my clothes and my posessions, to use as a litter tray, no matter where they lie,or what I do about it. And even though we tell him off and put him on the litter tray, every time, he stares at us with huge " what did I do wrong ??? " eyes, and as we walk away, along comes the floods of guilt...so yes...I have very much considered that exorcism...several times a day...he certainly has possessed this family...the little demon !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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