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Wednesday's DT - yeah payday!

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Good day everyone - I am happy - it is pay day. I do have to spend more this week then normal though. I am having a baby shower for my sister on Saturday - it is getting expensive - there will be about 30 people there. I am in training right now, but catching up here as I am alittle further ahead in the exercises then everyone else. I have to go shopping after work and get mother's day presents and a shower present for my sister. I hope everyone is having a good day!
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Ooo hope it goes well Ady!!
Its kinda "nothingy" here today... not sunny, but not dull... not cold but not warm either.. you know kinda "blah" :laughing: but Im feeling good today and can't wait to go home!! We went shopping last night which means we actually have food in the cupboards for a change!! YEY!!! hahaha....
Eeek I wish it was payday for me... I got paid two weeks ago, the day after I got paid, I was already in my overdraft.... ah well.... only another two weeks to go till the next pay day.... :laughing2
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Hello everyone. Today is a blah day for me here too. It is cold and raining. I have tons of homework to do and its been busier than usual this early in the morning. I just want to SLEEP!
I hope everyone has a better day than I'm having so far.
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Hello everyone!! It's kinda nice here-the sun is trying to peak out of the clouds, and it's warm. Suppose to rain though. I guess we need it. I have today and tomarrow off! Have no plans yet, except relaxing, and grocery shopping. Hope you all have a great day!:tounge2:
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Guess it's blah all over. We are supposed to get rain today too, which we desperately need. Nothing much going on here. Just work, blah.

Hope all of our days start looking up!
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Been on the phone most of the morning and I think I found a home for Also, the lady will take him in four days after her move to a new house is completed! yay! I met her a few years ago at the grocery store she was buying a whole bunch of cat food (so was I!) We both looked at our loaded carts and started laughing. She adopted one of my kittens the next day and has provided her with the best of care and lots of love. Last night I was cleaning out my purse and her business card fell out, so I took a chance and called her. She said to call her back this morning and I did and she said if I can wait for a few she will adopt him sight- unseen! Yippee!

Also my friend is coming over later to trap Caspia and then go get the kittens and take them to her place to adopt out. I told her I don't have the facility right now for two mommas and babies, so Denice said no problem, because she does and she has a vacancy right now. So that will help.

McKenzie is doing fine, she finally left her kittens sometime last night to do her business and eat something. her kittens are so cute, and i am trying to go through this roll of film so I can get pics up for you guys.

Have a good day...........all of you!
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Western PA is overcast and warm, a typical early spring "I don't know what kind of a day I want to be" day. I am stuck at home, you know, but my kids asked if I wanted to go to dinner on Sunday, and I think I will try. I have always been a homebody, but all day every day is a bit much. There is a great Japanese restaurant just a few miles away. The atmosphere is nice- the little bridge over a stream of koi, screens, bamboo, and hibachi. I'm sure it's designed to look the way an American expects a Japanese restaurant to look, probably not authentic, but that doesn't matter. They make the most delicious steaks and surf and turf. The mixed drinks are fruity, and have the little umbrellas of course, and the stir fried vegetables and mushrooms are worth walking a mile to try. I would give $100 for the recipe for the sauce they serve for the rice, and there is a sundae called a Rising Sun which is just French vanilla ice cream with plum brandy on top. At any rate, in my recovery, I have been eating Meals on Wheels, so you can imagine the anticipation! Oh, yum! I wish you could all come. I normally drink iced tea, but this Sunday I will have a pink umbrella in my "tea." Oh, I hope nothing happens to spoil this Mother's Day!!
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