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Sick Kitten

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My kitten is 8 months old. He has had a health problem since we got him.
Every few month he develops the symptoms or drooling excessively, acts disoriented, is very sleepy, has difficultly walking. These symptoms last a few days and then he recovers.
When we got him he had a bad case of ear mites. We were able to clear that up. The vet said the symptoms he is displaying might be left over from the ear mite infection. But this health problem keeps reoccurring.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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If this is a reoccuring problem it could be related to the earmite trouble. Depending on how long the kitten had earmites, they can do extensive damage if untreated to the inner ear. I would take him back to a vet that you trust and have them do a good workup on him and examine his ears looking for problems. Clearly this kitten needs to be seen by a professional because of the quality of life is being interrupted for him now.

Best of luck-
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