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New to site, fostering a pg momma

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Good morning (or evening...)! I have enjoyed reading through a lot of posts and getting information on what to expect. We are fostering a pg momma who is very young and small. This is our first foster, so I am nervous and excited.

Sunflower stopped eating yesterday, though she nibbled a little this morning. She is quite far along -- the intake vet guessed less than 2 weeks until delivery when he saw her last week. Sunflower had diarrhea a bit yesterday, and last night spent a little time howling, then vomited several times during the night. She also has roundworms -- not surprising.

My concern is for her young age and small size (6lbs 3oz) -- though I am sure I could find something to worry about even if she were bigger and older.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way that she has a safe delivery!

Kerry, momma to:
Cats: Neuromancer (16), Rochester (8), Francesca (5), Giselle (3) and fostering Sunflower (est. 8 -9 mos)
1 love-bunny, Harvey (2)
1 hamster, Ranoca
and two daughters: Alexandria (12) and Anastasia (9)
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Welcome to the cat site!

I'm glad she's been to a vet, the next step is to keep a close eye on her and hope for the best.
Because she is small and young there is a higher risk. Do you have a few places set up for her to have kittens in? Has she been looking for a place (looking into cupboards, under furniture, in dark quiet areas)?
Have you had kittens before? Did the vet give you any info as to what you might need or signs to look for that might signal she is in trouble?
I hope it all goes ok... good luck!
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Thanks for the welcome!

I am actually fostering for a rescue group, so this momma and her babies will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and adopted eventually. Sunflower is in an extra bathroom right now and I have prepared a box for her -- she has been staying in it a lot. In the last hour, she has started meowing a lot (I wonder if we are getting near?).

Fortunately, the rescue has a person on-call to help if things go bad. I have tried to read up as much as possible and get stuff ready. I haven't been around a cat giving birth since I was a child -- all my kitty babies are "fixed". I *am* a little nervous, but not totally freaked or anything -- after all, this is natural! She's just so tiny. She is a darling little girl, and way too young to be a momma.

thanks again for your warm welcome!
(going to go peek in on her again -- she's meowing a lot)
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i can totally understand. Im fostering my first PG mama too. SHes really close, but she just wont have them. I know shes had lots of contractions i can feel them, but shes just not having babies.
I hope everything goes well for you!
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