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Hi Everyone,

Our cat is 12, she was diagnosed with jaundice yesterday. I took her in for a check up because I noticed that she has been lathergic lately. She is very overweight (has been for several yrs.) I am trying to find out as much as I can about jaundice, and would appriciate any imformation and/or suggestions.
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Jaundice is generally a sign of liver problems. Has she been eating normally? Decreased appetite and not eating can cause serious liver problems in cats. The appetite problems can be caused by a variety of issues, and blood work is often helpful to rule out specific causes. If your vet hasn't already done a senior panel on your kitty this year, I would highly recommend it. Seniors are prone to several big issues that can be treated, especially when caught early. Has your kitty lost weight recently?
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Thanks Cloud Shade . No she has not lost weight at all, she eats as she always has. My vet just did an visual exam, he did not want to take blood he said it wasn't necessary. He told me to cut back on her feedings so she could drop a few pounds. I asked if he wanted to see her in a week or two, he said it wasn't necessary unless anything changes, like if she starts to vomit, lose excessive weight etc. This sounds strange to me, I tend to over react but I was looking for answers from him. I don't know why he did not want a blood sample. Claudia
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It is okay for you to insist on a blood test. I would highly recommend a senior panel (it includes screenings for thyroid problems, diabetes, and kidney function). If everything comes back normal, you have peace of mind and an idea of what your kitty's baseline is so you can compare future tests. If your vet balks, I would consider a new vet who is more willing to listen to your concerns. We must be the advocates for our kitties, as our vets don't know everything. My vets have been very open and receptive to my questions and suggestions about my kitties' care, and it makes all of us feel more comfortable.
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