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i don't get that many - Cable & Java are very gentle most of the time with their claws, & Pixel & Chip only have back ones.
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Tailer never scratches...Harvey will from time to time if he's laying on me and gets startled (he'll accidentally scratch when trying to run away).

Forest, though, is a scratcher. He doesn't mean to...his CH makes him have little control of his claws. He also hates to be picked up, but I'm trying to get him to at least tolerate it, so I get scratched a lot in the process of that.
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I voted for 10 + and no, they are not from the evil one Chichi
Murphy has a favorite sleeping spot up in my closet, so whenever he wants up there he'll jump on your shoulders or back then leap up there so when he launches off you, you get a nice "burnout" so to say I'll have to get a pic of my back so you all can see all the scars! But VERY rarely do I get scratched intentionally by either of them
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with 7 new kittens.. I think the poll need to have more choices
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I'll get 4-6 a month. But not too many scratches, Reilly is a biter he gets excited and nips our faces, bad kitty!
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How about zero to one per month. My "kids" do not scratch anything except their scratching post.
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I had one scratch that looked like a catpaw tattoo. It was red...lol.

Kipper, my black and white cat, that I dont too many of you have seen, because I had Mr mushi Face in there.

Well Kipper was falling off of the bed, and decided to use my arm as a holding onto post. No fun. His claws went all the way into my arm. But it looked really cool after a day!
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Baby gave me a scratch today..
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I don't really ever get scratched. The only time I did was when Mystik attacked me.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I don't even count them anymore.

Last year, when I had to have gallbladder surgery, I told them in the ER, "I have a cat rescue!" so they didn't think I had a self-mutilating disorder LOL. It was that bad!
I'm with you I don't count. Between my 4 & the cats at the shelter there's no point. I have actually had people make comments about the scratches on my arms.
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Kitten scratches r like paper cuts.
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