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My foster kittens are doing great!

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There has been a lot of sad news here lately. And of course that must be posted, so we can all keep up with each other. But I just wanted to let everyone know some good news!

My 6 babies, born 3-14-06, are doing great. One is out of the cage, running free throughout the room. (Little stinker!) All seem healthy, are gaining weight steadily, and are so friendly! They are walking so well now, and batting at each other.

Sarabi is a great Mom to her babies. She looks a little thin to me, but I guess that is to be expected from a stray street cat. Hopefully, after she gets her kittens raised, and she gets spayed, she will be able to fill out a little.

If you want to see pics, I post them regularly on the fur pics thread!
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Beckiboo, fantastic! I have my Za's kits - one had an eye infection, so Im giving drops and nursing (its the runt) in between Momma Za's taking
breaks from the kits. Her breaks are more frequent now, as the kits are
2 wks. Almost all have open eyes, but I worry about the infection - so my vet told me to bring in if they didn't open eyes in about 2 more days...

The runt (which I handle frequently) is SOO affectionate, he purrrs already!!
And does biscuits, and streches and yawns just like a big guy, even though he can barely wobble around on his little legs!!

the others are bigger and stronger, but I haven't handled them as much,
and it shows. The runt is ahead of them... plus he seems to recognize me, and not hiss at me. The others sometimes fuss and hiss at me more.

Of course, nursing him, cleaning his eyes, burping and making him go
wee... its is so easy to get attached. I just tell myself that someone
is going to have a REALLY wonderful grey boy when i get done raising
him, LOL!!

Meantime my foster orange tabby/Abby mix Miew Miew(and she is definitely some type of oriental short hair, Siamese or Abby!) is purrchirruping round the
house jumping up on everything and investigating everything.

She an Lexi have sort of play chased each other... but mainly Lexi
ignores. Diablo does too! She is adorable, completely gentle
and very loving if VERY energetic and hyper.

I feel bad I don't play with her all the time!! But honestly...

between my 6 mo kitten, and my runt kitten nursing, its like having my own
2 year old and baby!! I really really appreciate what parents go through!!

Happily I have great Mom instincts I think if I ever get a chance to be
one, I'll make a great Mom. Its a tough job, but when the fur babies do
something smart or cute, it totally makes it worth all the work!!

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I am glad all is going well. The kittens are reaching the fun stage now. Time to kitty proof...
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I know what you mean, opilot! I supplemented one from my last litter, along with his Momma feeding him. It honestly felt quite similar to when I nursed my kids! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to give him up, too, but he is off in a forever home now!

Thanks, Momof3RugRatz! Yeah, they are so fun even my 17 y/o son likes them, now. The bedroom they are in is pretty much kitten proof...but like with babies, you always keep checking!
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Glad to hear they are doing so well Beckiboo...and yours too Opilot! Awesome!
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