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House Plants

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I am about to adopt a new furry friend into my home and have a concern regarding house plants. Some house plants are not healthy for cats. I have forgotten which are dangerous and would appreciate a prompt from folks. I know about pointsetta but my memory is nudging me about pathos which I have.

Oh yes, what about cat grasses? What can I grow for kitty to nibble on?
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Here's a good website for toxic plants:


Also, keep in mind that sometimes if they chew a plant and swallow a piece of it..even if it is not considered toxic, they can still get sick from it.
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Lillies. Lillies. Lillies. Never allow them into your home. They can kill your cat where many house plants will only make them sick.
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Grasses your cat can eat? I buy Alice's Kitty Garden and grow it for about 5 days and move it into a pot with soil and then let it grow to about 6"-8" and then put it beside my kitty's food and water area. He is over the moon for that stuff. I pay $4.99 for it at All The Best Pet Care (http://www.allthebestpetcare.com/).

Here is the description off the net:

This is a fantastic new product for the indoor cat. Nutritious cat vegatation that is SO EASY to grow - No Mixing - No Mess - Just Add Water & Light! Wheat grass, oat grass, barley, rye and catnip seeds are bundled in a kitty proof seed pouch in it’s own containter. This easy sprouting cat supplement is incredibly lush and lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Instructions are included. Meow Appetite!
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