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DO you have any outdoor cats? If so how many?

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I was just curious if you had any outdoor cats as pets? If so How many do you have? ALso what do they live in?
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All mine are indoors, always.
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Mine are all indoors as well. I do have one kitty that is free to go outside as she came to us as a stray. She doesn't go far and spends most of her time in the garage killing those blasted mice.
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I have three indoor cats! However, I do have numerous outdoor cats (that are 'visitors' to my garden) who I feed and take as best care, as I can, of!!

I have no particular idea as to where they live, but I have provided a house for them - when they choose to sleep/eat in it!
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ALL my cats are indoor/outdoor. Sorry guys, don't believe in animal confinement. Some photos I posted before


QT and Wawa

And where do they live in?
Well, if they decide to sleep outside, it's on the garden furniture!
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w0w u have a beautiful yard where are you from?
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I have 3 hoursecats, 2 foster cats(one may never be able to leave us, now), 8 outside cats, plus the "traveling circus" as I call them. Twitch, Lily, & Ohpie are in the house all of the time. Damita & Chico are in the house all of the time as well(fosters). The there are the 8 outside cats, Fafeena(12-she won't stay in the house at all), Tabitha(5-ex-feral), Billy Bob Thorton & Tony(1-the troublemaking brothers), Slinky(8-ex-feral), Goat-Head(2-will pick any fight she can & wins at 4.5 lbs), Cow(3-the ornriest pet cat I have ever met as he loves to claw & bite), & Sandy Paws(2-he has got to be the sweetest cat in the world, but he has some nasty behavioral issues, someone dumped him at our place). The traveling circus includes: Tomas(2-3 y/o neutered tom), Amadeo(?? y/o traveling tom-is he neutered? feral), Fluffy(spayed 5-8 y/o female feral-"belongs" to a neighbor), & whoever wanders on the place.

The outside cats are fixed, UTD on shots, get stool samples tested every 3 months & any treatment necessary done. They sleep in the garage, the shop, or a shed all of the time. They go outside when I have time to "walk" them. They don't much time outside unsupervised(unless they sneak out on me, which, sometimes they do ). Mostly, they are the vicious cats that would be pts at the HS or the cats with severe behavioral issues. When I take the dogs for walks, the cats go with. We all move down into the road ditch when a car comes(no leashes on the cats). When the cats are outside, there are several doghouses & open sheds for them to get into. We feed them 2x a day, & make sure they always have water. I spend as much time as possible with the cats that won't tear me to shreds everday. My little sister is working with Sandy Paws trying to work through some of his issues. If we do, there is a home waiting for him.

That was really long. Sorry!
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I have 3 inside only cats, the ones in my siggy. And Will, my avatar boy, who is our "barn" cat. Except he lives in the garage. He has been coming in and out for a week or two, but really prefers being outside. He is a total lovebug, and comes in with encouragement, but prefers to be out.

And Josie, a black and white tuxedo kitty who lives in the garage. She and Will pester each other. She was adopted from another foster home. She pees outside the litterbox, and had been born outside. So now she lives happily outside at my house. She was very fat when I got her, but is sleek and trim now, and looks much better.

I adopted a few true ferals, but I never really see them. And I neutered a tom I trapped in my yard, but never saw him later. I do not try to work with the outside cats to tame them. They came from foster homes, who had tried unsuccessfully to tame them. One was a feral Momma. My Will is jealous of food and attention, so with him outside, it would be hard to tame my guys. And I am out in the country. The neighbors have cats, too. So I just put down food, and let the kitties stay hidden.

White Cat Lover, you are doing a great job with your crowd!
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All of mine are indoor/outdoor cats~I wouldnt know what to do if they were in all the time! I am trying to keep Chloe in though as much as possible.
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I can't imagine how much I would worry about Trout if she was outside..It is way easier for them to be harmed outdoors..I think it's crazy that people let their cats out!!

I guess I just am concerned for her safety..maybe I'm an overprotective mom
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We have 3 cats who all have access to the garden. In the summer the back is open for them to come and go as they please. As they have got older tho' the girls only tend to sit in the back garden sun bathing Jake likes to patrol his patch and 'mark' the boundaries.

I dont have a cat flap so when we are out they are in and they are not left out all night. Jake is very good boy and will come when called
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My cat is indoor. I would worry far too much if she weren't. We have wild dogs around, live right on a road, and a few creeps who dislike/wouldn't hesitate to poison or kill animals around.
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When I took my house here the landlord and I agreed that he would let me have a (1 only LOL) housecat if I fed 'his' cat who lived in the garden and slept in the shed. I agreed because he was the first potential landlord I had met who would even consider allowing me a cat. Now of course I have five but it is OK. So I still feed Cisco, who now plays with my cats and spends a lot of time on the doormat. He won't come in though, beyond the door lintel. I did neuter him, without telling the landlord, who I don't think has ever noticed (his brother lives next door and so the family are around a lot).
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We have five cats (not all live with us at the moment) that are indoor/outdoor. They spend the evenings and most of the day indoors, and go out after their evening meal for a bit of a romp. All five are microchipped.

They love their couple of hours of `freedom' each night, and we live in a very quiet neighbourhood, so I feel quite happy that they're as safe as they're going to be, when they're allowed outside.

When we move house, though, I'm thinking of keeping them in always. The house we are hoping to get is MUCH bigger, and they will be able to have lots of space to roam inside and still be able to stay away from the doggies
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Same here. Mine NEVER go outside.

Originally Posted by menagerie mama
All mine are indoors, always.
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I have 2 cats and 2 long term fosters that are all allowed outdoor access (all have collars and name tags, only one is microchipped though), short term fosters aren't though. It is very safe where I am, and everybody allows their cat to have outdoor access. If I can ever afford a house with a garden, I would get it catproofed and only allow them access to that though, it can be so worrying, but Ginger is an ex stray and gets depressed if kept in, and Tom has to have outdoor access to help with his weight loss. Molly and Pebbles do enjoy going out, but only when they are in the mood so dont go out every day, and both are skittish when I try and open the door for them, silly girls!!
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My outdoor cats are outdoor only by their choice. They are all spayed/neutered and get their rabies shots. One if very very old.

It's not that cold in the winter where I live, but when the weather is bad, I open up my back porch to Joey and Teddy. Sunny is a wild kittena and sleepings in my garage in a wooden barrel where I put a warm sweater in to keep him warm. Lola doesn't like the other cats, but she is very smart and she sleeps under a neighbor's house (I think) On occasion Lola will come to my door and I let her in on the back porch. She doens't like other cats and I have 11 indoor cats and it looks like I will be adding 2 more IF I can't find a good home this week for them...but as I always tell myself "one can never have too many cats" (actually they can!)
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In a perfect world where I know absolutely no harm would come to my babies, they could be indoor/outdoor. But since it's not, I am to afraid something will happen to them so they stay inside. They seem totally fine with that as long as they have windows they can sun themselves in.
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Mine are all indoor cats! My oldest cat mort who is 17 used to like to make a break for the door all of her life. She would make me a stressed out mess when she got out.The past couple years I supervise her in a fenced yard if she wants to chew grass.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan

I was just curious if you had any outdoor cats as pets? If so How many do you have? ALso what do they live in?
only if you count the ferals... i currently have 2 ferals that hang around my house. i don't know what they live in - not the shelters i've provided! i think they mostly go under the deck.
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All of ours are indoors only, but they do go out on the patio with me in nice weather.

Once we get into a house, I'll be building a safe enclosure for them with unrestricted outside access via a window.
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My 7 are indoor only. 4 of them used to go out on leash but now only Mister & Spalding like to go for walks.
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Mine are indoor, mostly due to their illness, but I wouldn't let them out anyway, they will occasionally escape (I've plugged the route though ) growing up we always had indoor/outdoor cats and I never liked it
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All of mine are inside. My honorary pet, Clover, is an outdoor cat. He was mine growing up but now lives with my dad. Its a quiet neighborhood and a good home for him. He always wanted the outdoor life and was hard to keep him in (I tried). He prefers to be inside most of the time but will take occasional excursions.
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Wowzer and Gracie are inside/outside
Nate is inside only

Wowzer is from a ferel group next door to us, and Gracie was a stray (dumped off). Wowzer spent over a year "only" outside and has just in the last few months felt comfortable inside. She still hunts daily.

Both Gracie and Wowzer have been spayed and are current on shots and get as much vet care as needed and are welcome to be inside as much as they want.
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