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OMG.....who watches this show?!?!

Tonights ending blew me away....Next weeks previews look so good! Come on Mr.Cat, Ken, what did you think!?!!?
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Im shocked!!!! And you can bet that Willow is gonna be throwing some witchiness around like it was candy. Buffy has to be okay though, I can't see them doing another cliffhanger like the last one, at least I hope not the last one. I can't wait until next week........ it's gonna drive me nuts!!

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I think Buffy will be alright. The previews certainly show Willow coming unhinged. Time is going to drag until next week!

Man, I did not see that ending coming!
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Neither did I... and to think after all these seasons, all anyone ever had to do was pull a gun out...

OOOOOOO Warren is gonna get so beaten, when he gets caught...

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I am so hooked on this show but everyone makes fun of me because I like it.
I was really surprised by last nights episode I guess Tara is leaving and it looks like Willow is going to the darkest side of magic. Here's where I'm confused...This would be not be dying of natural causes (the reason they could bring Buffy back but not Joyce) so are they going to bring Tara back...It looks like Buffy makes it.
Can't wait until next week!
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I love the show, too, but I keep that to myself although a few of my friends watch it, too.

I definitely did not expect the ending. Who has ever used a gun in Buffy, it's always stakes, and axes, and magic. Joss Whedon is so creative. I have to admit this season irritated me a little, but last night was amazing.

The 3 goofballs as Evil Scientists just kills me.
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OK, who watched it tonight? Willow definitely went over the edge. It looks like a Buffy-Willow showdown next week.

The new Spike storyline looks interesting, too. I was kind of annoyed by the Buffy-Spike scenario at first, but I got used to it. I don't blame Buffy, either, cause Spike is pretty hot. I know he's evil, but hot all the same.
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it was so good. Willow is definitly over the edge. Should be interesting to see the showdown next week. I hope they don't kill off Willow as well.
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I missed Buffy last night( having a very boring dinner at my Mother-In-Laws home)
Please fill me in on what happened I see that Willow must be completely over the edge and what is the new Spike story line...Was this the season finale???
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Poor girl, gets all deaminish and pretties up nicely, I bet that secretly means something.... Something us men are obvlious to.

And SPIKE IS NOT HOT!!!!! He's as skinny as a rail, fake blonde hair, AAAAAND he bites... of course if you're into that kinda thing

I personally don't blame Willow at all, had I the power, and someone did something like that to Sandie or Ky..... I would've done far worse than that!

Im thinkin that that's gonna be a good story line for next season, as well as, Zander & the demon girl. And ya know..... Dawn is gonna have to be figured in somewhere as well, so it oughta be a good season.

As someone mentioned in an earlier post, I too, was a bit dissapointed in this season, Buffy just seemed, well, too too sweet..

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Next week is the season finale, I think it is 2 hours. Last night: Willow went after Warren with a vengeance. First she went to the Magic Shop and sucked all the words out of several books of black magic. Then her eyes went black, and so did her hair. Not sure what that means.

Buffy, Zander, and Anya tried to stop her but she was too powerful, and too far ahead of them. They arrived in time to see her take off Warren's skin-ouch!-then he vanished in flames.

Spike is trying to get the chip out of his head, so he can go back to his old self. I think he may turn into the hero, but I'm not sure.

Ken, Yes, he has fake blond hair, but some of my girlfriends and I are in agreement that Spike is one good looking vampire. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
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Thanks for the update I will definitely be watching next week!
Sorry Ken They are right Spike is definitely hot!
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