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Vancouver, Canada

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This is a question to all of those who are familiar with Vancouver, Canada.

My husband and I want to take a trip in July for our 10th wedding anniversary. He's decided he would like to visit Vancouver but in his typical manner, knows nothing about it and leaves it up to me to plan the trip.

So any recommendations on what to see, do, places to stay?
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I myself have never been there...but I know it's a beautiful place. I found a link on the city of Vancouver's website that might interest you!

I'm sure some of the resident Vancouver TCS'ers would be able to give you the inside scoop!!
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Hi from Vancouver!

That site that Tracy posted will give you a good start. If you give me some ideas of what kinds of things you like to do and see, I'll be glad to make specific suggestions as far as I can.

July is a good time to be here, full summer, but not sweltering, and usually any rain or greyness is early in the day and past by the time you want to be active.

I'll look for some more links to give you a broader picture than one individual can offer, but will be happy to answer any questions.
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Thanks for all of the info. Hubby is on a hunting trip and as soon as he gets back, I will try to pin him down on what he would like to do. Sometimes, I'm amazed that we made it 10 years. He has vague ideas and wants me to do the detail work.

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Not to worry, Jana. When you're starting out with zero info, it's hard to know what the questions are. Have a look at those sites, chew the fat with hubby, when you have some idea what you want to follow up, let me know -- I'll be here.
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Sounds like he would like to fly fish - not sure if you're up to it, though!
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I went to Vancouver once. All I remember of the place is that it is extremely hilly. Isn't it a lot like Seattle, as far a weather goes? If so, it probably rains a lot, and is pretty chilly most of the time. I was only there in winter.
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I stayed at "O Canada House" http://www.ocanadahouse.com/

Had a wonderful time.
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