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Kitty Kisses

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I was wondering how your kitties give you kisses, or otherwise show affection to you?

Ophelia gives "regular" kitty kisses, she licks our hand when petting her, and licks hubby's nose and eyes to wake him up. She does headbutts and rubs against hubby when he is standing close to her. She loves rubbing up to his belly! Then she prances around when we pet her.

Trent gives us "people" kisses. He reaches his head up and puts his lips up to ours and holds it there, sometimes closes his eyes. (He's not sniffing, just holding a kiss ) It was so cute this afternoon - I told him "I love you, Trent" and he gave me kisses. He also tries to hug us and hold us like we do him. When he's snuggling he will reach his front leg out as far as he can to hold me too. I swear, he thinks he's just a little fuzzy human!
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When I hold him in my arms and rub his belly to the point when he starts to pur, he would reach out with his paw to my face, bring my face down and starts licking my lips. Sometimes softly, then faster. He does headbutts and rubs himself against my leg.

At night, he gives me good-night licks on the lips and again in the morning. Sometimes he licks my fingers, but mostly the lips.
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Mitzi likes to sit behind you on the back of the couch and she'll start out by purring in your ear then she'll start licking your ear. It's kind of creepy though. If you pick her up, she gives hugs. She wraps her arms around your shoulders and places her head on your chest.

Xavier, the snuggley one likes to press his nose to yours. He's so sweet I love when he does this and then he'll snuggle in your lap and rub his head all over your hands.

Fallon doesn't give kisses, she gives love bites. She'll curl up in your lap but you can't pet her. You just hold out your hand and she rubs her face on it and then she'll gently bite it.

Sampson doesn't give kisses hugs or love bites. He's such a bum!! But if you hold out your finger to him he'll run over and rub his face on it.
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Ivo doesn't give kitty kisses, she gives love bites.

Loppy, the cat my family had while I was growing up, was trained to give kisses. When she was relaxed, if you "bit" her ear (took it into your mouth), she would turn around and lick your nose. I have no idea how she got trained to do it, but it seems she enjoyed it as much as we did!
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Fred give the sweetest kitty kisses. He rubs noses and faces. If I am not leaning down for him to give kisses, he will grab the front of my shirt and pull me down to him.
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Right now, Isha is the only cat that gives kiss's

But I can trick asim and tage into it. =p
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