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I'm a NEWBIE!!

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Hello all!!

I didnt know this t hread was here. Afew of you already know me cuz I posted on the S.O.S thread about my kitty.

anyway, Im a mom of 3 beautiful kitties, whom I ADORE. I also have 4 birds and fis (cats favorites lol)

Glad I found this forum, so I dont haev to feel wierd about being obsessed with my kitties. I hope to make good friends here!!
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Hi and welcome to you & your kitties (and birds & fish ) to TCS!!
Yes, I'm sure you'll make some nice friends on here. Everyone is very helpful and friendly AND has a good sense of humor

I hope you found some good advice on here... I'm sure you have...
I know you'll love it here!!!! Nice meeting you & your kitties! Oh and there is a little section for other pets on here too so you can talk about/share your other pets if you like.....

I hope to see you on the forums again!

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Thanks for the welcmoe!!

I wantedto ask.......I kno ur a top cat and you can post ur siggy, but I bought a 3 month subscription and it says I can add images, but I cant find the otpion. I dont even have an option for a siggy, could you help me out?? I wanna post my kitty's pics, thast Y I payed!! =o)
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Oh - you can always post pics of your kitties and have a signature, whether you have a subscription or not. If you haven't been a member for at least 24 hours, you can't post a signature. If/once you have been, it will be in User CP on the left side, you'll find it. To post pics/put pics in your sig, you need an online image hosting account like www.photobucket.com (it's free) and the you upload the pictures from your computer then copy/paste the image code (below each picture, says IMG and you copy/paste what's in the box) you paste it into your sig/message. So I wasn't sure what you meant - picture or signature? - but that explains both
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Have you checked in your user control panel? There should be an option for "Edit Signature"

You may need to have 10 posts though.
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just would like to welcome you and everyone is so helpful
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Hi! Welcome to TCS
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site

You'll love it here and be addicted in no time!
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