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Signature & Avatar

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I am trying to put a text signature on my profile but not having any luck

It will preview but when i save it a box comes up telling me that there are no subscribed threads at this time ?

I am also trying to upload a new avatar but again, it does seem to be working ?

I guess that there are other threads on this and this one may get moved, but can someone please help?

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Oh my god, its there

Oops sorry.

Just the avatat now please, thanks.
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Well done for sorting your siggy!!

I'm not sure if you can upload your own avatar yet! (can't remember the specifics!)

How many pages of given avatars do you have? I think I had to be an adult cat/super cat before I could add a custom avatar!
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Oh ok. Perhaps i have not posted enough to open this option.

I can get more TCS avatars now that i am an 'Adult Cat' but cant upload my own yet.

I guess i will have to be patient

Thanks Sar for the advice.
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No probs!

You'll have enough posts in no time at all - they really seem to add up quickly!!

Anyway, at least it gives you time to really choose the perfect avatar!
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Great job, you guys!Also, when you become a paid subscriber, you are able to upload your own custom avatar at any time.
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this thread gives you information on when you can upload your own custom avatar
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