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Website for Sale

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No, it's not this one...

I have a small website that is actually a mailing list with a website. It's all set and operative and has been online for some time now. It's a mailing list that sends emails with pictures of pets. Those pictures come from members of the list who contribute them.

You can see all about it here:
Photopet list

You do need some basic knowledge of HTML + computer graphics, but not a lot. The website is fully designed, you just need to know how to resize images properly for web use.

It's a nice little mailing list and website and I've had a lot of fun running it, but these past few months it has been totally inactive as I have no time at all to look after it.

In the right hands I belive it could make a small profit from affiliations and advertising but would need a lot of promoting first.

Anyone who's interested please PM or email me.

Thank you!
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Don't do that! LOL I thought you were selling this place. Glad you aren't.
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Yeah, me too! Whew!
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Good grief, Anne! Don't scare us like that! I saw that message title and heart just about stopped. Good luck selling the other website. I don't know a thing about HTML except what I need to know to make my eBay listings look nice.
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Gosh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! My heart about stopped too.
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I got all scared too! Don't do that! I wish I knew about those things so that I can buy it. I am still learning though!
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Scared me, too!
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I'm just going to lie down a little while; I'll be alright....Oh, shame on us! We're taking the attention away from the website Anne wants to sell. How can we help? (After someone gets me up from the floor)We have stolen her thread!
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Ok, Anne, now that you've gotten everyone's attention.......a little nitroglycerin under the tongue and I'll be fine.....
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I got scared there for a minute too! I don't really know anything about HTML or graphics, or else I would consider buying it. Good luck finding someone.
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I own fuzzylittlecritters.com but I never use him.. hmm.

My fiance's friend got it as a joke, but never used it, and me liking animals they were like "oh well we'll just give it to angel". I never used it. so we gave it to someone else.. they never used it (it was suppose to be a rescue site). So now there it sits.
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Sorry about that I didn't meant to scare everyone like that I won't be selling TCS very soon - I love this site and it will always be my baby.
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Anne, I haven't been able to get online since Sunday, and after skimming down through all the e-mail notifications of new threads, I stopped on this one....and was seeing "frappydoo" all over again...:LOL: I thought, like that site,that we both belonged to, that this site was suddenly closing down...I am SO glad I was wrong!!! My heart is going again...:laughing:
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