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Another Food Question

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Ok, I've tried reading the posts and I'm still confused. When I first aquired Akasha she was about five months old and weighed a whopping 2.5 lbs. The vet I took her to suggested Pro Plan Kitten to help with her weight. It did. When she was about a year old I switched her to adult Pro Plan. Then my friend's cat came up positive for F.I.P. and her vet told her to switch from Friskies to Science Diet. So she did. And so did I. After reading some of the threads here, now I have no idea what I should be feeding her. I had thought Science Diet to be one of the best foods on the market, but after being on this site...not so much anymore. Now my baby is about 2 and a half and being that she had poor nutrition in her early months didn't get very big, but she's very wide...13lbs. Any suggestions? And the suggested amounts that you feed per day, is that based on the weight she is now or how much she should weigh? The vet I take her to now says she's fat and I have to agree.
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If the vet thinks she should be on diet food, I would put her on a high quality one, such as nutro or proplan. Science Diet is better than friskies, but it still isn't that great.
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Did the vet recomeend a RX SD or the light on pet store shelves///??
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Well the vet just told me she was fat and that I should consider putting her on a light food, she didn't give me any suggestions.
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What % is the protein and fat of the current food... I am not a fan of "light" foods , have you added canned??
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She gets Science Diet moist as a treat. Mostly because I was under the impression that moist contributed to her weight problem.
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moist food will help shed pounds as it is mainly moisture ... it fills the kitty up faster than dry with far less calories yet kitty gets good nutrtion
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In answer to the previous question, the % of protien is 33.9 and fat is 8.5. It's the Indoor formula. My other problem is, she doesn't seem to like the moist very much. I mean she'll scream at me when I'm getting her plate ready, but when I give it to her, she only eats a little and walks away. I've tried many different flavors and she does the same with all of them except the beef one, she walks away from that after one sniff.
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I would try to find one with more protein and fat... or at least more fat since that is low and likely kittys wt issue.,.. see cats digest protein and fat like humans do carbs(most humans)
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I hope that my advice can help you, I am a veterinary technician and I also have a few "fluffy" ones as I prefer to call them. I just recently got married and my husband brought with him a VERY large 4 yr. old girl, I think she used to weight ~13lbs. I also have 4 other kitties who range in size from very scrawny to ok weight. I used a low fat, high protein diet for a while (Iams Multi Cat Formula) and to my surprise Gracie lost weight and I am happy to report she is at a very healthy weight. I have found in my 6 yrs. in the veterinary field that once you get them down to a healthy weight, then no matter what food you choose as long as you follow the daily allowance on the back of the food bag your kitty should maintain a healthy weight. I am not sure what food Akasha is on now, but talk with your vet about which brand of food they suggest to get the weight off, and then maintain on your favorite food by following the back of the bag. Most of the foods should list a daily cup requirement due to weight of the cat. Good luck and remember that losing the weight can take some time, but if patient enough, you will see amazing results and your kitty does not have to starve as a lot of clients I talk to seem to think!
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