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Suntan Lotion

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Weird question but one that from many different vets, always have different replies. Now that the weather has been clearing up and getting sunnier, i like to take my Cat Cleo for walks. She is an all white cat with very pink ears and nose. I know that white cats can burn easily in the sun. Is their any maybe suntan lotion (Like for babies maybe) you can dab on the ears to keep from burning? (her ears turned red once during the summer..yikes.) I know they put a bunch of chemicals in lotions so Just checking. Some vets say go for it, some say no. Thanks...
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I think it's an excellent idea. Cats can get skin cancer, too.
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I think it is a good idea but use something very natural ( true Zinc oxide comes to mind)
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My kitties don't go outside, but they do like to sit in the window. Cookie is a very fair, very light orange kitty- he doesn't have much hair on his inner ears and you can see how pink they are- this is my first summer w/ a fair haired kitty- does anyone think I should be concerned about him getting exposed to the sun, and should I be looking carefully at his ears the next few months?
Zakk & rocky are so dark I have never really worried about him.
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Hmmmm....that's actually an excellent question. UV-B rays, which are what causes sunburn, are filtered out by glass. However, UV-A rays, which can cause skin cancer, are not filtered out by glass. I realize that's no firm answer to your question, as I really don't have one. I guess it's a judgment call. Glass will protect from sunburn, but not from skin cancer.
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IMO, if your walks are not long, and most of it is shaded by trees/ tall buildings, there's no need to put any kind of suntan lotion. Cleo may have gotten singed a bit because she probably fell asleep under the sun. In walks, there is no danger of that.
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she is an indoor cat and Only outside on leashes, but has gotten burned faintly once. She does appear to burn easily, which is why I am worried. Last year her ears stayed red for about two weeks, and took her to the vet where they agreed it was a slight burn. Reminds me of my mother who can't even look at the sun without burning. Cleo is very 'moody' and if I don't take her on her walks, I better sleep with one eye open!!
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hmm i dont know..maybe check some horsey sites and such, I know they make suntan lotion for horses may be safe for cats
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This came up last year for white cats. There were some cases of skin cancer on the ears. I put Nivea baby sun lotion on Persil's ears and nose last summer and she did not get burned. It is very gentle, though she did not like my applying it! I will do the same with the boys this year.
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My female cat has been diagnosed with pre-cancerous scabs on her nose, so she has to have suncream - I am also going to try and keep her in between 12 and 3 as well (more than I do for myself). I paid extra for a pet one through the vet, as I didn't trust a human one - did confuse the receptionist though. The vet did say the only difference was it soaked in quicker though. I haven't tried it yet, as we have had bad weather, but it is nice and sunny today, so it might be the first time. Only prob is she hates her nose being touched.
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This may sound bizarre...
but from a human who is allergic to sunscreens/suntan lotions (and I sound like your cat, white and pink as can be!), be very careful. At the first sign of irritation if there is any, make sure your cat gets to the vet. It's odd; I'm allergic to all lotions regardless of whether or not I'm in the sun. Some people (and I would assume animals too) only react in the sun, some don't at all.

I hope you find something that works well for your cat!
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Can't you make her wear a sun bonnet?
Every woman in my mom's side has had skin cancer so I know why you're concerned. Alot of people rub plain old sunscreen on their dogs, and I know its not the same for cats, but you're putting it on the ears only, right? Since its unlikely that the cat will clean the inside of its ears while on the walk, why not use the normal kind and then wash it off with a damp paper towel or something when you get home? I don't know about on the nose though, since they'll lick it off.
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